soup and bunco night...

drew, lauren, dylan, and chloe
tyler, amy, and steve

laura, dawn, and kyle

last night, we had a soup and bunco night! our family came over to play and eat with us. we had several different soups and desserts. of course, we ate way too much! bunco was "high-energy"! lots of fierce competition.
it's such a fun party game. Lauren won most wins. Kyle and Tyler had a roll off for most losses: Tyler lost to take most losses. Dylan won most buncos. it's a miracle security wasn't called for the volume of noice coming from this tiny apartment! we enjoyed everyone's company!

p.s. canon has slept for 6-7 hour stretches the last three nights! keep your fingers crossed!

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Amy said...

How fun! Glad you had a great time with your family. You are blessed to be able to do that.

Bunco is so much fun...I think it is time for me to play again!