i know i'm not a dedicated daily blogger, but one month has passed and i haven't even thought about blogging. december's are always crazy, but this one was insane! i've come to realize that it doesn't matter what phase of life your in, they will all be crazy for different reasons. even though our calendar was full, we got to spend a lot of time with friends and family which is what is so important anyway.

some things that were on our calendar:
  • several church christmas parties (where lane thought it a good idea to have some spam with cheese whiz!)
  • a student's orchestra concert
  • dylan and chloe's school program
  • tyler's college graduation
  • a special visit from my mimi
  • "it's a wonderful life" production at boulevard
  • an overnight visit from aunt lori
  • kyle's 21st birthday blowout!
  • a few fun days with our good friend, cana
  • the annual hopewell tacky christmas sweater party
  • a few days with lane's cousin, levi, and his very pregnant wife, eden
  • a night full of twister fun and twister-colored outfits
  • canon's 1st illness that lasted 2 1/2 weeks (an ear infection and bronchiolitis)!!!
  • 1 week spent in muskogee/joplin for christmas
  • a christmas morning scavenger hunt to find out we are going to disney world in may!
  • 1 week spent in muskogee for new year's
  • lots of shopping
  • lots of daily grind!
here are a few pics from the month...
canon loves to be surprised we did breathing treatments around the clock for 2 1/2 weeks...
cute penguin nebulizer...
lane and levi ridding the world of zombies... we all had disney themed gifts... lauren reading the clues on our scavenger hunt. we had to sing at a nursing home for one task... in our pj's... canon was more interested in paper than his gifts...
made it until 9 pm new year's eve...
we are looking forward to getting back into routine...getting canon back into a routine especially! we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to seeking out the opportunities that await us in 2009! goodbye december...see you soon enough!

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anxiously hopeful said...

Disney World...how fun. I am assuming it is your Mom taking you all. That picture of Canon on New Year's Eve is precious. A little guy can only handle so much fun!