first snow...(a week late)

canon has now experienced his first snow. monday night, we braved the elements and basically skated to our friends apartment who live in our complex. lane carried the baby, a diaper bag, and a birthday sack and somehow managed to walk gracefully on the ice. me on the other hand, not so graceful. i got stuck several times on an incline and would be sliding down, and he would have to rescue me. go figure! tuesday, we woke up to white blanket of sleet. it was beautiful. by the afternoon, it had turned to a great, wet snow. we were going to try to get out to run an errand so we bundled canon up and took him outside to take a few pictures. they turned out so cute. lane spent 25 minutes scraping ice off the car. we finally got going, but after about 5 minutes of sliding and not being able to see, we decided it wasn't worth it so we turned around. it was an exciting hour, though! i enjoyed the variety of winter precipitation, and even though, canon wasn't too sure about it, i'm sure he will come to love it just like his mama! unfortunately, the sun is out today. my winter wonderland is coming to an end. i think i'm gonna wish for one more storm...maybe?


Amy said...

Next time we get snow I will blow it in your direction. Funny, when I lived there, I missed snow, and now I am sick of it because I live where it snows. That is how it goes I guess.

Lisa said...

Please no more wishing for snow! I'm ready for warmer weather.