the countdown has begun...


so we leave for disney world in 11 days!!! i love that place! it's been 11 years since the last time i was there. i'm so excited that my sleep is being interrupted by wild dreams where everything goes wrong, especially at the airport. i already hate flying, now with talk of the swine flu, that fear is heightened. anyways, i've bought everything we need for the trip, found the dreaded swimsuit, talked to canon about mickey in excess...i think we're ready!


by the way, this is going to be me since i won't be riding all the wild rides. sitting on the bench eating all the yummy treats while people watching...what a good time!

*and for all of you who make fun of my fanny pack obsession, i'm still debating whether to take it or not!?!?


Kenneth said...

Definitely take the fanny pack and let Lane wear it for you. That picture is funny! (Don't see you quite like this at all.) Hope you guys have an awesome time and get to enjoy some sun, fun and hanging out with Mickey. Interested to hear what Canon thinks of Mickey after all the build up by you.

Amy said...

Have fun! Your picture of the lady sitting on the bench cracked me up. You are FAR from looking like that lady. :) Take lots of pictures!

anxiously hopeful said...

That picture is disgusting. That poor lady doesn't have a clue she looks like that or else she wouldn't wear those "tell all" pants. YUCK!

I know you all will have a great time. Wish I could be there to see Canon's reaction to all the characters.

Lauren said...

ok let's leave the fanny packs at home....NOT ALLOWED!
i cant wait and oh my gosh thanks for disgusting me with the pic.