the past few days....

have been extremely busy! i haven't blogged in almost a week *gasp*! here has what our days have been filled with lately:
  • last friday, i got to go shopping with amy and dawn for the remaining items on baby ella's registry. it was a big shopping spree! that was one of my favorite memories right before canon was born - going and using gift cards and finishing up the registry. we then headed to stillwater with lane and canon to help them get their house ready for a baby. lane, drew, and dawn put an entertainment center and changing table together. i took tags off of the MANY clothes this baby has and then washed everything. amy and i then organized what she would need at first, and what she could store away for awhile. we didn't leave until 11! i know how good i felt when our house was finally in order and i could rest the week before canon arrived.
  • saturday, we went to lunch then to the park for the afternoon. it was so beautiful out! lane took some pics of canon, but it was so bright out! canon enjoyed being outside, although the grass was still a bit prickly when he touched it. it was like it surprised him each time he touched it that evening we went to the stewarts for some fun, and had some amazing hamburgers...my favorite!
  • sunday was a wonderful, relaxing ressurection day! it was pouring down and pretty cold. canon wasn't too happy when i was trying to take pics of his outfit. we went to muskogee for the afternoon, and had a delicious lunch. that night, i talked lane into going with me to boulevard's easter musical...he wasn't too happy with me. i just love going to easter and christmas musicals. not his cup of tea! we then went over to our friends, jenny and mike's house. it had been too long since hanging out together. we didn't get home until 2! a very fun, full day!

  • monday, my mom picked me up early to take her to get a colonoscopy. i was the designated driver! she was so out of it and loopy! i was cracking up at how many times she would ask me the same question. canon and i hung out in muskogee with her until she was lucid enough to not do anything crazy! that night, lane got to pick where we ate to celebrate his raise. of course, he wanted a good steak!
  • tuesday, canon had a doctor's appointment to recheck his ears. *i forgot to mention that canon has had awful diarrhea since last friday*. his ears looked great, and as long as he's eating and drinking, she wasn't too worried about the diarrhea. we're supposed to go back if it hasn't let up by the weekend. pray that it ends soon, for all our sakes! we then did my favorite task of the week, going to wal-mart. have no idea why i hate it so bad! exciting news, we ordered our U2 tickets! the concert's not until october 18th. we just got the cheap seats, but they better than a couple other peoples that got more expensive ones. have no idea why i hate it so bad! last night, some more muskogee friends, amy and john, came over for pizza and biggest loser. lane and john grew up together.
now that we're caught up! today, canon and i have been lounging in our pajamas. bless his heart, he's still not himself...just fussy and lethargic. he hasn't been to the church nursery since march 15th! and he won't be able to go tonight, either. i'm ready for him to play by himself and like it. he's so clingy right now. all he wants is me! lane is just a way to get to me. anyways, i hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather this week. i have my windows open right now! love it...

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Lauren said...

whew....kinda wore me out reading that long of post. anyway, love yall!