here is the latest pic of who we so affectionately refer to as, brother. canon will think that's the baby's name, and it's actually starting to sound like a real name to me! loved getting to see him move about on our last ultrasound. i was the very last patient of the day, so our dr. did a longer than usual ultrasound...it was so incredible. he's definately still a boy. this past week, we found out that three of our friends are having girls and another is having a boy. we're all due within 3ish weeks of each other!
and here are the sweet feet that kick me ALL day long. i don't mind one bit, but every time i feel him, i'm amazed that an 8-inch person is capable of that much force. i love the fact that i'm almost halfway through the pregnancy, and he is already perfectly formed...look at those cute toes!

also, are friends', beth and brian, are in ethiopia this week getting their sweet little girl! we are so excited for them. please pray for them as they travel home and begin bonding with their daughter, and every other emotion they will experience that goes along with adoption. it is such a cool experience! beth is also pregnant with "brother's" future wife. she's due a week before me!


Lauren said...

I cant wait to see him!

Caleb said...

I'm gonna laugh when "brother" really does marry "sister".