today, we headed to muskogee to go to the waterpark with lane's parents and the kids from their church. it was so cloudy and even sprinkled a bit on the drive down, but within 30 minutes of being there, the sun came out and stayed out the 3 hours we were there. canon is always weary of pool water at first, but after he warms up to it, he loves it! he spent about 45 minutes with his "coach" (lane's dad) walking around the dip n' dot stand. thank goodness he didn't know the goodness that was in there. it was a nice change of pace, and especially nice to be able to relax and not have to watch canon every second while there.

afterwards, we went and saw my mom. her office is like 52 seconds from the waterpark. in that short drive, canon fell asleep. he drew a lovely picture for her office with her hot pink highlighter. i figured he would crash when we got home, if not in the car, after playing in the sun for 3 hours. nope, he slept like 20 minutes in the car, and refused to take a nap once home...toot! he's already asleep for the night, though, so that's wonderful!

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Amy said...

Looks like Canon had a great time with his grandparents. They are so cute and so young looking. :)