new loves...

1. he loves to put whatever he can find that will fit on that big 'ol head. so far, we've only had one incident of a bucket getting stuck! he walks around and plays and goes about doing whatever it is he does. it's very funny to watch him try to balance the shifting weight.

(notice his 2 little teeth. they're just now where you can see them when he opens his mouth. we've been growing them since the first of july!)

2. Dora! or Sesame Street! or Barney! that's his favorite. just in the past few weeks has a show been able to hold his attention. we had the dish set up the day after we closed. while they were painting, the tv's were on the floor. canon loved it. he would sit right in front of it and about every 15 seconds he would turn around and make sure you were watching. he would point and get really excited. thank goodness for dvr so we don't have to watch the same barney's over and over.


Lauren said...

I'm pretty sure he is too close to the TV! :)

Amy said...

My boys love Dora too! ANd I agree...DVR is a necessity for us moms. What in the world did our moms do? :) Hey did you hear (I'm sure you did) that L&K are having a girl?