a little boy at heart...


friday, i was sitting in the living room visiting with my mimi and aunt sue. lane went to the other room and i figured he went to watch something on the other tv. nope...i was wrong. he was playing with his bucket of toy soldiers that he got last weekend as a white elephant gift. he's pretty proud of the fact that they are "authentic toy story soldiers."

isn't he cute?!

the little einsteins were the bad guys, as well as barney and the bowling penguins. they had the "fort" surrounded in attack mode.

thank goodness the soldiers were there to protect the teething ring the bad guys were after. it was a close one, but the mission was a success...until canon discovered all of daddy's hard work!

bless his heart, i love him soooo much. i love his creativity and imagination!


Aunt Chloe said...

I am so lucky to have a brother in law like him.

Lisa said...

Has he seen the new Toy Story legos?
We saw some army men legos and I thought of him.