one week old...

ledger is already one week old! this has been a wonderful, relaxing week. it's actually felt pretty slow-the best kind in my opinion! we even had really cold weather! lane has been home with us, as well as lane's mom for part of the week and my mom and sister for the remaining part. they were a huge help, especially with entertaining canon. he has loved having play mates 24/7. i'm pretty sure he will be bored with my company next week.

ledger has been a pro at sleeping...thank you, jesus! our first night home he cried for a couple of hours before we handed him off. the next night, he wanted to nurse every 2 hours but did not want to go back to sleep in his own bed. he was fine if he was on my chest, but would cry if we laid him down. lane wanted to take a turn with him, but ledger would cry when he placed him the exact same way! we played a little game passing him back and forth...and everytime he cried with lane and would instantly stop with me. we were buds for the past 9 months! since then, he has nursed around 10pm and slept until 2am. i then changed and fed him put him right back down in bed. he then slept til 5 or 6, repeated the process, and proceeded to sleep until 9!!! he's even napping in his bed on canon's schedule! my prayer is that this continues next week wehile i'm by myself during the day.

he did have jaundice earlier in the week where we had to go to the children's hospital a couple times to get his levels checked. they've come back down on their own. his weight at his doctor's appointment was 7lb 13.5oz. he's a little piggie! he thinks he needs to eat ALL the time. he's eating around 8 times a day, and pooping that much if not more. i forgot how many diapers they go through initially. he likes for me to change him and as we're walking out of the room, dirty his clean diaper...what a fun game!

we are loving him to pieces. he really is a sweet baby. he's also pretty laid back which is good, considering his brother is the defintion of energy. canon is doing well with him. i think he's already used to this strange "thing" being around. he wants to kiss him at bedtime, and when people come around, he's very proud to show his brother off!

*sorry this is so long, but i'm so forgetful that i want to remember what he was like at different stages. it's amazing what i've already forgotten about newborn canon! also, when i get around to scrapbooking, i'll have some details!!

i almost forgot! ledger met his betrothed this week too!! hope was born on monday and weighed an ounce more than him. they're going to be good buddies and if it were to develop into more... :)


Lauren said...

So sweet and tiny! xoxo

brianj33 said...

I'm so glad things are going well at the Moss house. I must admit I am a little jealous of Ledger's sleeping schedule. Maybe he could have a chat with Hope about the benefits of being a good sleeper.

Just noticed I'm signed in as Brian but this is actually Beth.

Aunt Chloe said...

He is so cute I love him!!! I'm showing my friend right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you need to update the "Our Family" section of your profile...just a thought.