drumroll please...

see our ghetto paper shades that are on every window in this house?

and our even more ghetto get-up in our bedroom?

well, that is no longer the case!

our windows are actually pretty now!

when we moved in, there weren't window coverings on any of the windows. so i measured all the windows then took myself down to lowe's thinking i'd pick some blinds up. to my surprise, i learned that every window in our house was custom sized. what kind of builder does that?! once the lowe's worker told me how much money custom blinds cost, i quickly picked up a few boxes of temporary paper shades.

we knew we wanted and needed blinds and were going to have to fork over the money. we had lowe's come out and measure each window so the blinds would be guaranteed if they were for some reason the wrong size. did you know that windows can be different sizes from the top to the bottom? i learned you have to measure top, middle and bottom and then take the smallest measurement...who knew!

once they measured, they gave us an estimate. holy moly!!! blinds are expensive...custom blinds...custom faux wood blinds are expensive! we knew we would have to wait until mr. obama's housing tax credit was in our pocket. so 4 very long (and hidious) months later, we have blinds...pretty ones!!

it's amazing how much nicer, cleaner, bigger, etc. they make the house look. the paper shades drove lane crazy. he love's natural light. and we have big-o windows, but we couldn't see out them for fear they would fall down if we dared touch them!

we have lots of projects we are going to be (finally) working on in the next few months. after those are done, i will do some detailed before and after posts of the house. i haven't done a tour yet because i'm weird and want everything to be how i want it!!

and now i'll leave you with one of the sweetest things in life...a sleeping baby!

how cute is he?!?


Amy said...

Wyatt worked in that area of Lowe's when we lived in Muskogee, so I know they sure are expensive. They look amazing though...money well spent! :)

lane, kelli, canon, and baby ledger said...

Thanks! We felt it was a well spent investment!!