i am SO behind on blogging...oops! the reason i love to blog is to keep our family and friends updated on our lives, to help me remember the details of our life so we can look back at our memories, and also to help me remember the details so i can eventually put them into an actual scrapbook (having babies messed my memory up!). i've failed at those goals. oh well, i guess that's what a new year is for, huh?!

*warning--lots of pictures in this post!

i'll start where i left off...christmas! it feels weird blogging about things that happened 2 weeks ago, but we were gone 1 1/2 weeks of that. the last few days have been spent catching up on everything!!

we went to my mom's house on tuesday, the 22nd thru saturday, the 26th. we were so looking forward to just chilling with nothing to do. what we didn't expect were sick babies. ledger and canon both had stuffy noses and coughs when we went, but canon started running fever christmas eve morning. lane took him to the urgent care in muskogee and he had strep throat. growing up, either me or my sister were always sick on christmas...usually with strep, so this was fitting! he felt so crummy. ledger's cough was getting worse so we left saturday morning to head back to tulsa to go to urgent care there. he checked out fine, just needed lots of suctioning and the good 'ol humidifier. (they're better now!)

doesn't he look awful??

we were going to go to church for the candlelight service, but it got cancelled. did i forget to mention we were under a blizzard warning?! it was my dream come true!! since we had already gotten ready, we did a little photo shoot with the fam! (canon was totally not into it)

one of lane's favortie activities over the holidays is working puzzles. my opinion: snooze fest. i guess canon found this activity quite fun!

we always eat finger food/appetizers on christmas eve...yummy! we had cocktail weenies, cheese dip, ham and swiss sandwiches on hawaiian rolls, spinich dip, fudge, puppy chow, and taco soup.
we have always gotten to open one gift on christmas eve, and every year it's christmas pj's! i love that tradition.

my aunt kim had also sent us a gift each so we went ahead and opened those too! once you start, it's hard to stop. canon was finally getting the hang of what opening a present was. he wanted to open everyone's! next year he won't understand that ledger get's to open his own. anyway, his faces were priceless...

we all sat around and played last word. we learned my family is not so much with the fast pace thinking! it was sooo funny and we laughed a lot :)

we headed to bed soon after. of course, after we left santa a note and milk and cookies!

*stayed tune for lots of posts over the next few days. i'm going to have them scheduled to catch up...

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