another birthday weekend...

my word, we have had a ton of birthdays to celebrate the past 2 months! i've eaten my weight in cake, and am ready for the belly bulge to be gone! we helped chloe party saturday night, but first we got to spend the day with lane :) friday night, ledger finally figured out how to sleep for 8 1/2 hours, but i only slept 4. i was so anxious to see lane saturday morning. he headed to muskogee around 10, and we went to visit cousin ella who was spending the weekend with dawn and steve. canon was funny in his interactions with her. he kept bringing her toys and babying her. look at my cute, little thug/drummer boy. the boy can make drums out of anything...

ledger and ella are 7 months apart, but it won't be long before he passes her i'm afraid. we stood them up in front of each other and ledger was only about a 1/2" shorter. she was pretty fascinated with him. i think she may need a sibling pretty soon *hint, hint*!

for dinner, we went to a japanese steakhouse. my mom and sisters had never been to one before. we love going. i think they are fun, and i love the food! we kept laughing because us girls are all so afraid of fire, and they didn;t know what they were in for.

the boys did great. i knew canon would find it entertaining. before the chef came out, he found a way to entertain himself! he loved all the different courses of food, and ate really well. btw, his eating habits have greatly improved, and is pretty much eating whatever we offer him now!

after osaka, we went over to our house to eat dessert and play a game. it was weird to go to our house for the first time in a week only for an hour then leave again. chloe is an ice cream girl so she wanted ice cream cake for her birthday! i hadn't had one in so long. she chose oreos-n-cream...my fav.

her friend, kaylee! more like a sister...
when we celebrated lauren's birthday last week, her gift from my mom wasn't in so she got to open presents last night. she got zebra rain boots and a scarf my mom made.

this week, chloe's gift isn't in, but she got to open one from lauren. you think we hould plan ahead a bit?!
today was chloe's actual birthday, and her party is next weekend. i've taught her all about stretching it out for as long as possible! i made a big breakfast when we got up. she's also a bacon and eggs girl! we made birthday cupcakes, also...

now let me tell you something. when i was in elementary, my favorite frosting was the kind that had the colorful, chewy chips in them. since then, the frosting had disappeared off the shelves for what we thought was forever. lane and i have had several conversations in the past about this mysterious frosting. while shopping at wal-mart in muskogee this week, i was trying to decide what kind of cupcakes to make when this fabulous tub, pictured below, caught my eye. i called lane right away, and we both couldn't believe it had made a comeback. i have to tell you 4 cupcakes later, that it is as wonderful as i remember it...yum. i might have to stock up before i leave town!


we're headed to the doctor for ledger tomorrow. since thursday, he has had a barking cough with congestion, but no fever and i had been listening to his lungs. they were always clear, but today he started wheezing and running fever around 100*. i'm sure he'll get some meds for breathing treatments. he's a "good" sick boy just like his big brother. he has even slept for an 8 1/2 hour stretch the last 2 nights! thank you, jesus!

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anxiously hopeful said...

I saw that same icing at our super wal-mart just this last week so there is not need to stock up while you are in muskogee!