decaf only, please...

oh, yummy goodness...


how i have missed you!!!

i have not had a caffeinated drink since the coke i had immediately after ledger was born. surprisingly, it hasn't been too difficult, but for some reason, today i have only been able to think about my favorite drinks that i am no longer able to have.

my choice for going strictly decaf is ledger. i was awful at drinking and eating whatever while nursing canon. he wasn't a great sleeper from the start, and often had gas. so this time around, i kind of just quit without much thought. i really didn't have withdrawl effects since i was on percocet :)

i've been able to trick myself with decaf sweet tea and decaf dr. pepper (which i haven't liked in years until a week before ledger was born)...yum! and of course i drink plenty of water. i even got a new brita pitcher for my birthday...an orange brita pitcher! my hot drinks of choice this winter have been spiced tea (made with tang) and quik trip's hot chocolate.

so if your not familiar with the delicious drinks in the pictures above, let me introduce you to a few of my favorites!
  • olive garden's peach-rasberry bellini tea: probably the hardest thing i've had to do in my life is go to the og and eat their yummy pasta then have to wash it down with water...yuck! it's just the right amount of sweet. and i don't usually like syrup teas. it's always topped off with a crisp peach.
  • pf chang's fiesta breeze: it's so refreshing. i could easily polish off 5 or 6 glasses with no problem. i miss it.
  • panera bread's hazelnut coffee: there is no other coffee like it! and they brew it all day long. it smells heavenly and tastes even better. i've missed it this winter.
  • harmony house's apricot tea: this is in muskogee at the best tea room. it's brewed tea, and it took me years to mature to like flavored teas. this is also such a light, refreshing tea! last fall, i actually drove to muskogee just so i could get a glass of it :)
i can't believe i just wrote a post on drinks :) my sister will think i'm really dumb! but that's what cravings do to you! we have a busy, fun weekend ahead of us of celebrating a birthday, a couple valentine dates, and seeing all our family. i've been trying to get the house in order today and start packing. me and the boys are headed to muskogee monday for at least a couple of weeks to help my mom out. my grandma has been with her almost 3 weeks, and now it's my turn!!


Amy said...

Girl, I'm with you on the drinks. I refused to have any caffeine when I was pregnant and when I was nursing. I remember I had a diet coke the minute after my boys were born, but then stuck to decaf mostly when I was nursing and slowly went back to caffeine only to find out I was pregnant again. These days...CAFFEINATED DRINKS PLEASE!!! Your sister can think I'm dumb too. ;)

Me Myself & Amy said...

John and mine New's Years Resolution was to cut out soda completely! We have really not missed it much, surprisingly. Since then though I have been doing lots of research and I am pretty sure I am done with soda forever!

Anonymous said...

I had to stop caffeinated drinks too! When Zeke was first born I would drink about a half of cup a coffee each morning thinking . . . "if I drink it early enough it won't bother him." He was a fussy baby all day long. As soon as I stopped it was like we had a new baby. I think the moment he is completely weaned I am going to go to Starbucks!

anxiously hopeful said...

We'll miss you. Feeding time in the nursery will be so lonely!