weekend recap...

first off, take a look at these sweet brothers. by the way, when canon and lane's hair isn't fixed, we refer to it as the "lloyd christmas" look!

we celebrated lauren's birthday with our family on friday afternoon. mom was in town for her doctor's apointment so we ended up doing lunch. kyle wasn't going to be able to fly in until that night, but since dallas got so much snow on thursday, he didn't have to work friday. he flew in thursday night for the weekend.

go figure, lauren couldn't decide where she wanted to eat. we gave her a million and one ideas, and somehow we ended up at cheddar's! it was good though...

she bought him lots of suckers for valentine's day at the candy shop. i was a mean mom and made him wait until we got home and could strip him down before he ate it. he makes a huge sticky mess, but he sure does love them!

mamie got to celebrate with us. she helped mom out for the past 3 weeks...bless her heart!

what's a cromley celebration without a merritt's cake?! isn't it so cute? this is what my giraffe cake was supposed to look like, but they made it stop on the sides. lauren loved it!

friday night we went to dylan's basketball game. it didn't start until 8 and canon didn't have a nap the whole day. i was so worried, but he did great! afterwards, canon kept wanting ledger to stand by him. he was very adamant about it. ledger has tons of patience!

saturday, we got up and made pancakes, eggs, and bacon. canon loves all of the above. that afternoon, we went to dylan's cheer competition. once again, canon didn't have a nap, but did great. afterwards, we grabbed lunch with lane's family at on the border. it had been forever since we had been there. we are on such an asian cuisine kick!

that evening, some sweet friends from church had the staff over for a wonderful dinner. patricia had the table set beautifully. she is such a good cook. it was supposed to be a surprise for the wives, but i "stumbled upon" the e-vite...in lane's inbox! her son and his girlfriend served us a delicious 5-course meal. after being stuffed to the rafters, we played bunco. so much fun! thanks patricia for making the evening so special with all the extra details!!

while we were away, the boys hung out with uncle tyler and aunt denise. i know canon had a great time. he loves to play with people.

when we got home, lane checked to see if canon was covered up and found him like this...loving on his teddy bear!

i stayed up saturday night making these valentines for the boys class at church. kind of cheesy, but there's nothing better to canon than a bag of goldfish! he loved handing out valentines to his friends...he was so proud!

sunday morning, we woke up to an inch of snow. i had no clue that it was even supposed to do anything! it was so pretty falling. i kept saying got me snow for valentine's! lane started with the surprises early. he had left early to go to the church. i heard the screen door when i got out of the shower...kind of scared me! he had gone to get me a white chocolate mocha from starbucks and a cranberry-orange muffin from panera...two of my simple pleasures! i was so surprised. it was so thoughtful.

this is my rose from patricia's on saturday...
me and the boys took a fat nap after church. lane was sneaky and left while we were asleep. when i woke up, i saw these beautiful lilies on the table. i actually smelled them first! they smell so good!!!

our sweet friends, the stewarts, had offered to watch the boys a while back on valentine's. i so wished i would've gotten pictures of our amazing evening. lane made dinner reservations, and kept it a surprise until we were on our way. i had a small meltdown when i asked him what the dress was, and he said dressy. i have absolutely no dressy clothes, but after several outfit changes, we found something that worked. i was so excited to be getting out of the house as a couple. we ended up going to fleming's steakhouse. it's a once-a-year kind of place! when we got to our table, i noticed there were flowers on the table. in the two seconds of noticing them and moving on, i just thought they were a part of all the tables...until i saw a card with my name on it. my thoughtful husband took the too cute flowers below to the restaurant when he picked up the others, and had them place them on our table with the card before we were seated!

now for a review of the food! best.steak.ever. we both got a ribeye, and it was amazing! you definitely get what you pay for. i'm so content with a steak from just about anywhere, but this was 4 whole steps above anything i've ever had! when they bring your dinner, they ask if you're interested in the chocolate lava cake...um, yes please! i was thinking like the molten cake from chili's. no, once again, unlike anything i've ever had. it was more like baked fudge with yummy chocolate inside. i could so go for a piece right now! we then walked over to starbuck's to get hot drinks since it was so cold out. can you say calorie overload for the night?!

it was so nice to do something out of the ordinary. i'm happy to just hang out at home every night, as long as we are spending time together, but it just brings a needed spark when the ordinary is shook up! thanks, lane, for a wonderful weekend...and for all the wonderful regular days!! i am so blessed that you are mine!


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Wow! What a Valentines Day! Good job Lane!

Anonymous said...

The boy had his A game on!

Amy said...

What a weekend you had! The lilies are beautiful. Your family is so cute!