5 months old...

*i realize this doesn't have pictures, but i'm at my mom's for a couple of days and forgot the camera cord (newly found i might add!). i'll add them on when i get home :)

my sweet, ledger,

it's that time again...happy 5 months! i'm loving each new phase you enter. when we don't think we could love you more, we do :) here's a little of what you've been up to...

  • you have definitely made the change from newborn to infant. it's so hard for me to remember back to how you were the first two months :)
  • you continue to be such a good-natured baby. daddy and i were talking about how you rarely cry just because. you're very laid-back, you love to talk and smile, and you love to stand, mr. wiggle-wobble! we even got you to laugh more this month.
  • you discovered your cute, little tongue this month. you stick just the tip of it out, turn it sideways and chew on it.
  • your fist is still your favorite toy! you constantly have your hand in your mouth which causes you to constantly drool :) your newest obsession is with my hair...ouch! you get a fist full and tug as hard as you can. it doesn't matter if i put it up because you just grab the little hairs at the back of my head and it hurts worse. you also try to chew on it!!
  • you made a bit of progress on the passy front this month. gram gave you one of canon's 6+ month ones and you took it much better so i got yours out. if you're too mad, it only makes it worse. we'll keep trying. your favorite think to suck on is your blankies. you can be mad as a hornet and as soon as we lay it across you, it goes in the mouth and you're usually out pretty fast. you also like to suck on your toes...eww.
  • you have become so coordinated in picking up and holding toys. they also go straight to your mouth. you love to play in your exersaucer and watch what is going on...only if people are in the room. you definitely like to be held overplaying alone.
  • your favorite activity this month has been tummy time. we lay a big blanket out in the middle of the living room, and lay you on your back. you then proceed to flip to your tummy, and either scoot in circles or roll until you are off of it. it's only a matter of time before your crawling!
  • speaking of rolling, changing your diaper and bathing you have become near impossible. it's amazing how fast you can flip over :)
  • just the past couple of days, you have been so close to mastering sitting up. you can sit alone for about 30 seconds then you lean to the side or back and can't get yourself back up. good thing we are getting carpet this week!
  • you enjoy bathtime. as soon as we lay on your sponge, you instantly start kicking. you also still pee occasionally, and you think thats pretty funny!
  • your car seat seemed to bother you more this month. if your tired, it's the last place you want to be. it's funny because as soon as we start to unbuckle you, you arch your back and try to twist out!
  • you went on your first extended road trip this month. we went to rolla, mo to see grammie, poppa and aunt lori. it was a 4 1/2 hour car ride. you did great as long as your belly was full!
  • you're still sleeping in the pack-n-play in mommy and daddy's room. you're a good little sleeper. you sleep 8 hours and we are currently trying to get you to sleep 12 hours. you lay down around 8-9 each night. you usually take an hour nap in the morning, a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, and about a 45 minute nap early evening.
  • you've graduated from swaddling :( i'm really surprised you let us swaddle you as long as we did. we just lay you down on your back and cover you up then when we leave the room, you flip over and go night-night.
  • you're still nursing 6 times a day. you love to eat. we'll start solids next month. it's so easy exclusively nursing when we go places. i'll miss it!
  • you wear size 3 diapers and could probably wear 4's but brother still wears 3's so we'll keep you the same for the time being. i'm going to have to start putting overnight diapers on you because you've started wetting through by morning.
  • now that warm weather's here, you've graduated to bigger clothes! you are wearing 6-12 month bottoms and 12-18 month tops. you wear a size 2 shoe. i love how rotund you are!!
we love you so much, ledger, and enjoy watching you become who god created you to be! there's nothing you could do to make us love you less :)


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Lauren said...

Oh sweet Ledger, I love you so much! You make me laugh so hard by your different facial expressions you constantly make. Some of them make me think I'm the dumbest person in the world, but I understand it's just a phase. I'm so excited to see you to continue to grow so you, Canon, and I can play, play, play! You are the best! xoxo Auntie LaLa