wedding weekend...

* recap of the festivites from my perspective. i didn't get a lot of pics due to the fact that i was a single mom to 2 little boys all weekend :)

this past weekend, lane's little brother, tyler, got married! it was a wonderful weekend. we got to see so many fun people we don't get to see that often. we headed to stillwater on friday morning so i could meet up with his bride, denise, her sister, amanda, my sister-in-law, amy, and our aunt lori for pedicures. aunt lori treated us to the relaxing time!! thank you :) my girl was really good by the way!

after meeting up with some family for a mexican lunch, amy ledger, and i headed to edmond to pick up flowers for the wedding. we ended up getting lost and drove around for like 45 minutes. we even drove through the same intersection 4 times! after choosing to not listen the gps anymore and getting directions form 2 seperate people, we finally found sam's and target.

the wedding was outdoors about 30 minutes from stillwater. all weekend long, there was a 60+% chance of rain, but somehow it never rained during the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner or wedding...thank you, jesus! we had a delicious meal complete with choclate cake for dinner...yummy!

amy, lane's cousins wife, eden, and i headed back to amy and drews house to put sleepy kids to bed. we got to enjoy girl talk! it was fun.

saturday morning was spent watching the weather radar and trying to get little children to take early naps. 1 of the 4 slept. 2 of the 3 that didn't were mine! at lunch, canon had a complete meltdown...kicking, screaming, crying, snot...all of it. of course, it happened right as we were needing to leave and i was trying to finish getting ready and pack up our stuff. once we got in the car, he passed out. got to be honest, i was a nervous wreck that he was as volatile as he was and supposed to participate in the wedding, but thankfully, his power nap did the trick.
we got him dressed out at the bath house (where the ceremony was), and to say he thought he looked good would be an understatement! he was strutting his stuff. his daddy looked awful nice, too :) he wore his black pumas since that ground was so unstable.
their wedding colors were yellow and black. here's ella girl in her pretty yellow dress! got to share my favorite ella moment of the day. during the ceremony and a quiet part, she let out the loudest, most adult sounding toot! it was hilarious. we couldn't stop laughing.
canon kept putting his foot up on this rock, and i kept picturing a prom pose! he's so freaking cute :)

lane was the best man and carried canon who was the ring bearer down. you can see in the picture below where they all walked down. they started in that arch way in the top left corner of the pic. there was about 70 steps they came down. it was so beautiful. like i said, i wish i could have gotten more pics of the setting, but they had an amazing photographer that works with lane, and i will be sure to post the link once she puts pics up!
canon's cutest moment of the ceremony: tyler was already waiting on the landing by the time lane and canon walked down. tyler put his fist up and canon pounded it...so cute.
as soon as denise made it down, canon saw me and started squirming so he came to sit in my lap. he did really well thanks to goldfish and his paci. ledger also did amazing. aunt lala was on ledger duty, and she got him to sleep the entire ceremony which in itself is a miracle since it was time to eat and he doesn't miss too many of those!

i thought this was the sweetest moment of the ceremony. their friends sang an awesome song, and they looked so sweet standing together. i kept thinking about my boys and how i'll be a mother of the groom. i love my boys and have mixed emotions when i think about that time in their lives!
as soon as the ceremony was over, canon shed some clothing and got his party on! he was on the prowl :)

this venue was the perfect place for canon...there were countless rocks for him to throw! there were also countless people to watch after and entertain him :) he had a posse of a few older kids that were following him around which he loved.

lane's cousins, jay and levi, and eden and their daughter, nora, got to spend a couple days with us. we loved it! we wished all our family lived closer. lane's cousins are some of his best friends, and they all married awesomely fun girls! we get to go to joplin this next weekend to celebrate another cousin's wedding. i'll try to be better with the pics :) wish we were in mexico this week...the weather is still dreary...

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Me Myself and Amy said...

It was a great wedding! I was glad to see you guys! I am very happy for Tyler!