long weekend recap...

my cousin, karrie, is due with a sweet baby boy, benjamin cooper, at the end of september. we were invited to the shower, and wouldn't have missed it for anything. lane took a day off so we could make it a little trip out of the weekend. it's hard when we have to be back by sunday mornings. on thursday morning, we loaded up and headed to arkansas for a short little visit. all of my family, on both sides, live within about 30 minutes of each other. ledger seriously screamed 90% of the trip. it really doesn't bother us, maybe we're numb...who knows, but by the time we got there, we needed some prozac!!
we stayed with my mimi and loved getting to spend time with her. while we were there, it was the 2nd anniversary of my grandad's death. she has done amazingly well, and it was nice to talk about him. it took the boys just a little bit to warm up to all the new faces. wish we lived closer where they could know all the people who love them so much!

friday, we did a little shopping. we've always been good at that!! while at best buy, canon found a new buddy in my cousin, katie. while we there, mimi asked if she could hold his hand, and he looked around and found katie and ran to hold her hand. he loved playing with her. she probably reminded him a lot of lauren.
the shower was saturday morning. what an awesome shower! it was so cute, and there were a ton of people there. i totally forgot to take pics of the table and gifts :( she got pretty much everything that was on her registry plus more. baby ben's grandma kim and aunt courtney have already begun the spoiling!! i'm so thankful we got to be there and i can't wait to see and love on that sweet boy! i'm so partial to boys :) karrie will be a great mom!
big family picture :)
4 generations. do we all look alike or what?? (i know it looks like i have a huge intertube around my waist, but i promise it's just the shirt!)
cousins and mamie...

after the shower was over, mimi and i headed over to starbucks where katie works. she hooked us up with vente drinks!! man, i love me a white chocolate mocha :) she wouldn't let me take her picture!

kate and us...

what a lovely weekend. im just reminded of all the people who love us and have our backs. so thankful for the family was blessed to grow up in. hopefully, we can make it over more often, and all you arkansas people are welcome at our house anytime :)

on our way home, we remembered our ac was still broken. they couldn't fit us in until this morning. so on our way through muskogee, lane dropped me and the boys off. it was pretty frustrating. i feel like we've been gone sooo much this summer...which we have, but a lot of it has been for multiple maintenance issues that have kept us out of the house for convenience sake.

the silver lining, though, was that we got to spend some quality time with my mom and sister. it was such a nice pace on saturday and sunday. we went to charlie's chicken buffet on saturday night. the boys eat free there, and oh my word, i have never seen them put so much food away. it was hilarious! they each had a plate and cleaned it plus had more. afterwards, we needed a couple things from wal-mart so we headed over there and just wandered around. it was fun. canon loves walking each aisle looking at the toys. we can still leave peacefully by just telling him to say bye to the toys! sunday, we shopped around tulsa. it's been awhile since we have just "shopped" in and out of stores. it was fun, but exhausting!! i love my mama and sister, but we sure did miss lane and are glad to be home with him, sitting in our cool house :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a great visit. I know Mimi loved having you all around. LR clan always has your back!