doctors appointments...

this week has been one of those weeks where we've had places to be each morning. i'm probably not considered a morning person, but i do get up well if need be. with that said, it stresses me out a little when we have to be somewhere relatively early! monday was ledger's 9 month check-up. i still remember so clearly his first visit when he was only 4 days old. how we're already to 9 months, i don't know! first off, we love our pediatrician's office. i mean love. it's really clean, no waiting, the staff is awesome, our doctor is great, etc. however, our favorite nurse practitioner moved to houston this past june :( and they replaced her with a nice, but nowhere near a people person np. which i feel is strange for a np since they were nurses first. all that to say, that's who we got see! ledger had a great report. he's right on track developmentally. he weighed 20lb 7oz which put him in the 55th percentile (he was 75th last time), but the boy measured 29 3/4" in heigth (90th). i can't believe how tall he is! he is anemic so we've started the iron drops in his yogurt. they smell terrible so i feel like i need to mix them in something since i would hate to take them! both boys went ahead and got there flu shots. i felt bad for canon since he thought he was just tagging along. which is another story. never will i take both boys when only one is being seen. canon was a mess! anyways, thankful for a good report :) also, i forgot to post these pics on his 9 month post! the one below is so funny to me because this explains him perfectly. wednesday morning, canon had his appointment with the dietitian. i was kind of hesitant in taking him in the first place. after the 2 rounds of testing we've done, a visit to the GI doctor, and all my nutrition/nursing classes (ha!), i really feel like he's just fine. i know he gets his daily amount of calories and has a well-balanced diet (i mean the boy doesn't care for ice cream and candy. cake's a different story). all of that, plus insurance not paying for kids dietary services unless they have a diagnosis of diabetes, made me have a bad attitude about going! we dropped ledger off with a good friend that lives across the street (thanks, lisa!), and set off not knowing really what the dietitian would say. what'd she say?? SHE'S NOT WORRIED! yes! she said when he fell off the growth chart at 9 months, that was the crucial point that has set him back and he can't catch up. she said 9 month old babies need to be 20lbs in order to maintain a healthy amount of baby fat to help them grow properly. baby fat=release of hormones=growth! ledger's right on track!! she was fine with canon's diet and eating habits. y'all, it's amazing how well of an eater he's become over the summer. i mean, he eats chicken now!! he'll eat pretty much anything you give him...answer to prayer, definitely! the only thing she's going to have us do is add whipping cream to his milk and yogurt for extra calories without all the sugar (like in boost or carnation drinks). she was big on controlling his blood sugar. she said he should only eat every 3-4 hours because anything less than that will keep his blood sugar raised which keeps you feeling full and he won't learn hunger cues or ever feel full. so basically, our schedule will stay the same: breakfast @ 9, lunch @ noon, snack (which will be more like his dinner) @ 4, then dinner (like a snack) @ 7. he needs protein and carbs at each sitting. she thinks we can get him back to the 10-25th percentile permanently. i was shocked! she was super sweet and very encouraging and informative (i got over my know-it-all self pretty quickly!). i'm so glad we went! she won't need to see him again unless his endocrinology appointment in october turns something up. hopefully, after that appointment, all these questions about his size will be put to rest! now, to get the boy to talk!

as thankful as i am that this is our biggest problem with the boys health, i've been so aware lately of all the families out there that our going through difficult times with health and loss. my heart breaks with them.

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