things i've learned from potty training...

welp. we're at the end of our 3-day's of potty training. i wish i could say it was the easiest thing ever, and that he now has a perfect dry record. i guess that's a bit unrealistic. but i was half expecting it because i'm a sucker and really gullible. when i read that e-book, i was sold! she convinced me how easy it would be and it sounded almost effortless. don't get me wrong, i really believe this is the best method of going about it, but 3 days...really?

canon has done pretty well. really well when you consider he's 3/3 on dry naps and 4/4 poops in the potty! each day he seemed to have more accidents, and by late this morning, i was beginning to feel frustrated. i felt like he was regressing. but something clicked around lunchtime, and he didn't have anymore accidents throughout the day. he woke up dry from his nap, and even went into the bathroom twice by himself and took his underwear off then i would come in and set him on the potty. he's definitely getting there, and will have it down pat before too long {at least that's the hope!}. this week will remain pretty low-key in order for him to get the hang of it. not sure i'm ready for emergency bathroom breaks at wal-mart!

and now, here's what i've learned from potty training:
  1. 2T/3T underwear has to be the cutest thing ever. no, make that cheesy, character underwear. we have handy manny, sesame street, thomas the train, and , of course, toy story. i love to pat his little bott*m!
  2. the boy will do whatever you want for a sticker and an m&m.
  3. he loves him some strawberry lemonade.
  4. if the wii is on, he purposely ignores you...and precedes to have an accident.
  5. he's gotta be the world's slowest eater. ok, this doesn't really have to do with p.t., but it's become painfully obvious as i have to sit through each meal reminding him to "tell mommy when you have to go pee."
  6. i annoy myself {and whoever's around} when i say "tell mommy when you have to go pee" approximately every 43 seconds.
  7. patience is a virtue...and something i lack in.
  8. encouragement is something i need to work on. i'm doing it because it's apart of the program, but it doesn't feel natural. that needs to change.
  9. my house is out of control, and i don't really care since "hovering" is my main priority.
  10. being a 2-year old is exhausting. like i haven't been this tired in a long time. up and down. room to room. build a tower. knock it down. you get the picture.
  11. i love my sweet boy so much more than when we started 3 days ago. this 12 hour, one-on-one time each day has been wonderful {lane's been on ledger duty...except the nursing!}. we have had so much fun together, and it's been fun to reconnect and do the things he wants to do. i feel like i have my weekly routine of things that need to be done, and lots of playing falls to the end of the list. i keep joking he's going to expect my undivided attention all the time now! what a blessing my baby is to me :)
thanks for all the encouragement/advice over the past few days! this has been one of the hardest things as a parent so far...definitely the most time consuming and rewarding!

question: any tips on nighttime training??

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