1 year old....

my sweet ledger, today you turn one. last night, it made me sad to think of this. so much so that i cried and cried that my baby was going to be one. today, though, i'm overjoyed your one. so many people have babies who are sick or who have gone to heaven and wish so bad that they could celebrate a first birthday. i am so thankful for the time we have had with you this year. you bring so much joy and laughter and love to our home and all those you meet. you are a loved boy, ledger! you have been a busy boy lately learning new things. we love watching you reach new milestones. here's a bit of what you've been up to:

(this is you today on your birthday, but you don't feel great)
  • you have a sweet, mild personality. you are pretty content if your fed and rested. although you have a little separation anxiety, most of the time you will let other people hold you. you are oh so cuddly, and give the best lovin'.
  • you love to give kisses...especially to daddy and brother. you give them kisses over and over and they love it! canon just laughs and says more. the kisses are wet and snotty, but just perfect.
  • you are so good at playing. your favorite toys are mostly anything you can put in your mouth!! no idea when that phase is going to end. you like to climb in and out of the cozy coupe. you like your new spinning car ramp that you got for your birthday. you love books! you would be so happy if we read all day long. your favorite books are the tractor book, smile book, and farm animal book.
  • you started walking a couple weeks ago and you love it. it seriously took 3 days after deciding you wanted to walk to be a full-time, consistent walker. you still have that cute teetering look to you. you can tell you're so proud. it'll be no time before you and brother are chasing each other. today, we went outside and you walked in the grass great for the first time!
  • you like to attempt to say words. you still have a sweet, higher pitched voice. your vocab includes mama, dada, ella (you love to say her name), lala, cheese, please, eat (this is your fav word!).
  • you love to dance, snap, and clap. anytime you hear music, you start bouncing. when your in your carseat, your torso goes up and down.
  • you got 3 top teeth within the past month which makes a total of 5! you were pretty fussy and snotty during this time.
  • you still love to eat. you walk up to me and start saying, "eat.eat. eat."...over and over. during your 11th month you got pretty picky, but your appetite and likes are increasing again. you love chicken and noodle dishes. your funny about fruits and vegetables. each time you take a first bite...of anything...you act like you hate it. then after i force a bite, you will eat the rest of it. meals out and at home have become so much easier and enjoyable with you and your brother eating well!
  • you are still nursing 4 times a day...and loving it. i plan on weaning you in the next week though. it makes me sad, but i'm so thankful i was able to do it this long. i enjoyed it so much this time around. i will treasure those special memories we have.
  • you are a great sleeper. your still in the pack-n-play most nights, but if we have company, you share a room with brother and do great. after i wean you, you will go in there all the time! you go to sleep at 8 and wake up around 9. i nurse you and if you act sleepy will lay you back down for about an hour. if not, you lay down about 10:30 for an hour or so. you nap for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. so thankful you sleep well :)
  • you are wearing 12-18 month toddler or 18-24 month infant tops (gap) and 12 month bottoms. you wear a size 4 shoe. you have the fattest foot and i need to look for wide shoes.
    you wear a size 4 diaper.
your first year has been such a blessing. i'm so thankful for god's timing! i love being your mom. here's to the best year yet and many more. i love you sweet boy! love, mommy xoxo

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Lauren said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Ledger! I can't believe you are already 1...I love you oh so much!