our weekend...

we had such a wonderful, full weekend. on friday morning, we did christmas with my dad. he got the boys a dual screen dvd player for the car. remember, the one i waited all night outside for? i can't wait to use it on our car ride tomorrow! that afternoon, lane's cousin levi, eden and nora came for a visit. we love it when they come stay with us. my boys were unusually anti-social and took awhile to warm up, but they did and they love nora! fridady night, i already had planned to go to dinner and do some shopping with my mom and sisters (lauren bailed on us though for jamaica...loser). i got to shop for the boys with the xmas money my grandma had sent. its so much fun shopping for kids! i think i'm more excited for the toys then they are.
nora kept grabbing canon's hand to take him to the playroom. it was so sweet.

good buds.

saturday, we just hung out around the house. levi and them left around 4 and our friend, jake, stopped by for us to meet his new girlfriend. we're so excited for them!

sunday, was the first sunday back to church for the boys and i in a month. it felt weird to be there after so long...ha! we had a wedding to go to that afternoon. dawn came up to watch the boys. we've been looking forward to this night out for a long time. we left 50 minutes before it was set to begin...good thing. we got so lost. google directions were totally wrong and we went about 40 minutes out of the way before we got back on track. we pulled up 5 minutes late, but thankfully, it hadn't started yet so we snuck up to the balcony!

the reception was a sit down dinner at a local country club. it was so nice and so beautiful...fanciest reception i've ever been to! i even got to check my coat...ha! the dinner was delicious and the company was better. felt good to get out and be an adult. it was, also, so fun to get dressed up! :) today, i've been trying to get the house in order and all the laundry done. christmas vacation starts tomorrow! woohoo!

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levi.eden.nora.cordie said...

Aww,we had so much fun with you all! Nora and Canon look so grown up! Thanks for letting us stay with you! You are one stunning family!