santa pic...

you better not pout.
you better not cry.
pic of a pic...sorry! the lighting was awful so i had to use the flash for the boys to show up well.

obviously, my boys haven't heard that song yet! for the past month, we've been looking at the santa pictures from the past 2 years talking about how we were going to go see him again. and for the past month, canon has been telling me no he wasn't and crying about it. well, last week, despite being sick, we got the boys dressed in their darling christmas sweaters and headed out to reasor's. i had seen in the weekly circular that they would have santa there for a few hours and pics would only be $9.95! that got me excited. i hate spending $20+ at the mall on crappy pictures.

even though this santa doesn't even have a real beard and the fluorescent lights are awful, we accomplished our mission. i love that the boys freaked out because that's totally how they feel about beards and strangers right now. we will forever know that this was the year they hated santa clause! we threw them on his lap so fast to snap the picture and them grabbed them up again that canon didn't have the chance through all his screaming to tell santa he wanted a kitchen, but that's ok. i'm pretty sure santa knows what good boys they are!

ho ho ho.

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Laughlin said...

This really made me laugh. Those sweet little boys. I need to get Ezekiel's picture up so you can see it. Its pretty funny. Why do we do this to our children? :)