birthday week weekend...

*my camera was on the verge of being dead this whole weekend so hence the blurry pics!

friday ended up feeling like a second snowday. i love nothing more than just hanging out at the house all day in my pj's. lauren and kyle were coming into town. after kyle couldn't get on the early flight,
lauren offered her babysitting skills for us to go on a last minute date. it was awesome. no agenda. just wondering around town together. we wandered bed, bath and beyond and then went to a couple places to check out tom's for lane. while over on brookside, we stopped at our favorite spot for burger's and grabbed some to go. it was wonderful to be grown-ups for a few hours.

when we got home, lane went to a get together for our newly engaged friends (congrats, phan and jessica!) and lauren got kyle and went to dinner. i put the kids to bed and caught up on dvr...hello, miss america! it turned into a wonderful friday night.
saturday morning, my dad brought over my gift. he always get me big bottles of salon shampoo and conditioner that last me the year. i pick the shampoo according to how it smells. i chose biolage this year! it was also a day full of wedding appointments. i tagged along for most. it made me really excited for their wedding! i especially loved the flower planning :) that evening, my family all met up at outback. i love me some steak. my kids were starving and getting restless. our waiter couldn't get bread to our table fast enough. i kid you not, they ate 3-4 loaves of bread between the 2 of them then proceeded to mooch everyone's salads and meals. as soon as their bellies were full, they were super pleasant!

ok...let me introduce you to "snowflake cake" made by my favorite, merritt's bakery. my MIL introduced me this past summer and it quickly became my favorite. it's the best chocolate cake meets a ding dong...divine.

ledger doing his absolute favorite thing. the boy loves his books. and loves turning pages even more. he's a gram boy!
i got some super great gifts. chloe gave me 2-15 minute back rubs and a pair of our family's signature earrings...

lauren and kyle gave me this osu t-shirt. i told her i wanted a new osu shirt that "a sorority girl would wear." she said all the sorority girls are wearing this. she was mocking me!
my mom gave me my first coach item. it was a total surprise. i've carried a vera bradley id wallet for the past couple of years and it was disgusting. my mom and lauren said they are "trying to help me out" (meaning look cute and hip...ha) and it's something i'd never buy myself.
chair wrestling...
i had a wonderful time teaching the preschool class this morning. they are awesome kids who want to help and learn so bad. i love their sweet hearts. then got to hang out with middle school kids who are great, too! lane had an elders meeting this afternoon so the boys and i took big 'ol fat naps. our sweet friends, lisa and kenneth, gave me an awesome snuggie for my birthday. i told lane i'm surprised i've never had one as much as i sit on the couch and freeze while i'm on the computer. tonight, lane had his muskogee "j" friends over to watch the big steeler game. they're going to the superbowl!! lane, jake, john, and jason have been friends since birth. it's fun to watch them together.

lane requested wings and queso. his mom's recipe for wings is super easy and delicious. maybe i'll post it for tasty tuesday. while he was at the store, he said he shouldn't be there while he was hungry. lane has a problem with impulse grocery buys! he ended up with 7-layer dip. i love snack foods.
ledger sporting his steeler shirt. look at that sweet smile...

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