new years week...

on sunday the 26th, lane and canon left to go to joplin to celebrate with the greers. i stayed back with ledger since he hadn't been fever free for 24 hours yet and there were going to be lots of kids there. it felt nice and strange at the same time to just be with ledger. we haven't had much one on one time at all. we enjoyed a girls' day (plus ledgie) in tulsa and then that night lauren and i did an overhaul on chloe's room. chloe had gotten new bedroom stuff for christmas so while she was in arkansas, we painted and set up her room for her! i hate painting.

monday evening, the whole moss gang arrived back in muskogee minus tyler and dee for the week. it was such a relaxing week of not doing much...my perfect week. meal times and sleeptime were a bit tricky. 2 nights in a row, the majority of the kids melted down during dinner which made for a lovely time. also, amy's kids had a tough time going to sleep and my kids for some strange reason woke up like clockwork at 4 every morning....frustrating.

aside from that, movies were watched, nails were painted, football was watched, mexican train was played, many wrestling matches took place, and tons of food was eaten! when tyler and denise got there thursday night, the adults did christmas while the kids were in bed. it amazes me how much has changed in the past 3 years and how we now do things differently with kids in mind. the next morning, the kids had christmas. once again, there is nothing like watching kids open gifts.

after being gone for 12 days, i so wish i would've taken a picture of our van on the way home. thank goodness for a van this year! sidenote: seriously, the day we left tulsa, we discovered our hatch would not open for anything after working fine the day before. lousy timing as we had to take out a carseat, fold the middle seat down and pass everything through the side door.
we are especially so thankful for both of our families this year :)...(ps:i was especially bad at making sure i got pictures of everyone)

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