something i'm loving lately...

the fact that my children are eating just about anything we put in front of them these days makes me really giddy! after fighting canon for about a year at every single meal, this is just a nice change of pace. both boys have hearty appetites and ask to eat often. they eat a full, well-rounded meal, and usually ask for more which is a bonus!
not only am i loving that they eat, i love how they LOVE fruits and veggies. they get 2-3 helpings of each a day. it blows my mind that this time last year canon would only eat cornbread and mac-n-cheese. that's it. somedays yogurt. somedays cheese. but never fruit and veggies. we had to hide his fruit in his oatmeal. ledger started out a good eater, but around 9 months became super picky for a short period of time. he's back to eating anything and everything he can get his hands on or get someone to feed him off their plate.
i started thinking about how grateful i was for this period of good eating while the boys were snacking on a banana. just a few months ago, ledger would tighten his lips and turn away if a banana came within a foot of him. i'm not kidding. it was really funny. he never liked them until 2 months ago. and canon, would only eat them smashed or mixed in with something. now they sit by each other after breakfast and share bites of bananas (this is breakfast #2. sometimes we even have a #3). and i never thought my kids eating a banana would well up emotion in me, but it just feels wonderful to have healthy kids who desire to eat! #thingsthatmakeamomhappy :)

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