a few canonisms...

canon is doing so great with his speech. it's hard to believe that just 5 short months ago, he could only say 5 words unprompted. he now has a word for everything and attempts 2- and 3-word sentences lately. we are so thankful for the help he has received at his speech clinic. (sidenote: we just discovered that his speech teacher's brother is good friends with my cousin, morgan, from arkansas. they spent the summer in india together on a stumo mission trip. small world). here are a few things he has said lately that have made us smile (and cry, in my case!)...

holding up a finger as he's leaving the room. "-ight back."

lane was taking him to bed one night when he said, "mama." i told him that his daddy was going to put him to bed that night while i made a grocery list. he pointed to the door and said, "-ack -eese (mac n' cheese)" and trotted off to bed without looking back.

his favorite saying when...well, all the time. anytime anythings happens whether it be cool or bad, he says, "aww man!" imagine a man with a wired jaw saying this. that's what it sounds like.

anytime anyone tells him they love him, he ALWAYS says, "no. mom." meaning he just loves me.

anytime we ask him who his friend is or who he played with at church or school, he ALWAYS says, "-axson (jaxson)." we have to tell him everyone is our friend!!

and my new favorite thing about canon are the 5 songs we sing each night. in specific order, the wheels on the bus, itsy-bitsy spider, twinkle, twinkle, abc's and jesus loves me. just this week while we've been singing, i have left out random words and he fills in the blanks. it's my fav part of the day. we videoed it without him knowing a couple of nights ago!

i LOVE this stage he's at. it helps that he's sweet :)


d said...

And all this time I thought he was saying he loved me too. Oh well... I do love it when a boy loves his momma!

Lauren said...

I'm so happy he talks more now because when I call or Skype him, it's more interactive! :)