snowmen and shenanigans...

today was day 2 of being snowed in...and it was great! the sun was shining, but the temps were below zero with wind chills. lane went to work and study on some things in our bedroom for a couple of hours this morning. the boys never knew he was here during that time!
after the boys' normal breakfast, we had a mid-morning snack. i had gotten the idea for these cute snowman donuts from one of my favorite blogs. we used cinnamon chips and a piece of carrot...i forgot to get orange gumdrops at the store. canon thought these were so great! it was his first time to have one of these donuts. no surprise, ledger loved them too :)

next, the boys took a big blue bubble bath. they got lots of neat bathtub gadgets for christmas. canon loves turning the bathwater a different color. can i just say how great a time-filler baths are?! my boys want to take baths all.the.time.

canon is really into "crafts", especially now that he's started school. he does neat projects that i am loving! i keep forgetting to get some twine and clothes pin to hang in the playroom to display all his pretty art. he's so proud of them :)

at speech, miss kim does lots of projects that involve him gluing things down. he LOVES glue! so sticking with the theme of the day, we made a snowman. he has such great fine motor skills. of everything, he liked drawing a mouth. what kid doesn't like holding a paint pen?! i made one, too!

when lane came out of hiding, he went to borrow a shovel from a neighbor and started in on the overwhelming amount of snow removal! it was lunchtime. of course. i feel like it's always mealtime. anyways, grilled cheese snowmen were on the menu. they turned out really tacky, but canon enjoyed eating his snowman's head...and chips. this was his first time to have some, but i figured what the heck...it's a snowday!

late this afternoon, we were starting to feel the cabin fever. lane said in passing how funny it'd be to go sit outside in a swimsuit and act oblivious to the snow. funny. crazy. stupid. bored. i don't know, but we ran with the idea! i bundled up while lane dressed down. the drifts were crazy in the backyard...like 2.5-3 ft. he ran out in the snow, set up his chair, sat down, and pitched his boots and hoodie. i handed him his ICE COLD drink, and snapped a few pics. all this happened in about 2 minutes in -3* weather! in that short of time, his toes already had lost blood supply. it was a rush and something we laughed about :)

for dinner, we had...what else?...snowman pancakes!! we were planning on pancakes, eggs and bacon, but lane decided to make the boys snowman pancakes. after seeing how awesome they turned out and how excited i was about them, lane made me one, too!! canon had fun "decorating" it.
ledger was just ready to eat.
one of our little family's favorite things to do is play hide-n-seek. canon really just likes us to hide. it's so much fun to see how excited this game makes him. although, usually, as soon as he finds us, he doesn't relish in his victory. he just starts saying "more" over and over. lane and i get laughing so hard at how he doesn't notice the most obvious hiding places. it's like he looks through us. tonight, he was really into me hiding, and lane and him looking. i was pretty proud of my spots. it took them awhile on a couple!

i'm so enjoying this special time with my 3 guys. these are my ideal circumstances and i will treasure these memories! onto day 3 tomorrow...


Lauren said...

I would love a snowman pancake, please!

Lisa said...

You are so creative. Love all of the snowman stuff.