zoo day...

on friday, may 6th, we got to go to the zoo with some of the boys' cousins. they had a blast! and canon had looked forward to it for days. as the day got closer, we started getting word that a lot of area schools were also going to be there that day! so instead of going first thing in the morning, we chose to wait until about 2:30 that afternoon in hopes that it would be a ghost town then. it worked! despite no naps or short naps, i don't remember any significant melt downs! we are so thankful to live so close to family who are close friends! canon loves seeing ella and "orna" (nora) often :)
daddies and kiddos...
canon only gets close to fake animals!
we headed back to our house and grilled out and let the kids play some more. it was such a fun day!

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