a sweet, simple day...

i totally broke the rules today. i've been so good about resting and not lifting the boys. they've stopped asking for me to pick them up now :( i let others do things for me (which has been the hardest). i haven't driven in weeks since i can't lift the boys up and down out of their carseats. i'm pretty much a homebody so the past couple of weeks haven't been that bad, but this morning i woke up feeling stir-crazy!

the answer? getting everyone dressed for a day out of the house (for the record, i didn't break them too bad since lane was with us all day!). we left about 10:00 to go eat breakfast. my favorite place to eat breakfast is first watch cafe. it just feels like fresh food and the locations are super clean. we laughed because canon ate so much that our waitress came back several times to take plates, refill cups, run the ticket, and he was still eating!

when we left, canon asked, "more places?" he LOVES to be out and about so you can imagine how deprived he's felt! sun & ski was across the street and is one of lane's favorite time-killers. he wanted to show me some things on his birthday wish list so we headed there. the boys had the best time...they skateboarded (with the help of their dad), rode tricycles, looked at kid skis and had fun running wild! i was good at hunting down benches in each department :)

after about 45 minutes, we left and canon said, "more places." since they weren't starving and it wasn't nap time yet, we decided to take advantage of bass pro...free and air-conditioned. the boys had never been there, but soon fell in love with it. they loved looking at the animals, watching the fish, climbing around on the boats, pretending to drive 4-wheelers and getting a free sample of fudge from the "treat lady".
after spending an hour at bass pro, we came home and put the boys down for naps. they played and we ate a hodge podge dinner of leftovers. once home, canon kept asking to go more places (new favorite phrase, i guess). we figured it was a good night to get out and get some kind of cold treat. lane decided on sno-cones and before we ever told canon what we were getting, he had decided on a yellow treat. unfortunately, a yellow sno-cone is nasty banana. he liked it, though. we only managed to spill a couple of times. we popped our trunk and all climbed in for a picnic. the boys were in heaven!
i LOVE low-key days spent with my little family. it was good for all of us to spend some quality time together!

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Lauren said...

Sounds like a great day! Miss y'all!