knox at 1 month...

my sweet knox oliver,

this has been the BEST month! we have eaten up every minute spent with you. i'm so thankful that this month has crept by. it seems like an eternity ago that we were at the hospital. you have experienced so much already. you have everyone wrapped around your finger, too! here's what you are up to these days...

  • you are the best, most sweetest baby! you never cry. never. we've yet to not be able to console you within a few seconds. you fuss if you are dirty or want your swaddle and passy. meeting those needs fixes everything in your eyes! you have the sweetest disposition. you love to cuddle, but you also love laying in your bed. i'm thankful for both of these things!
  • you are trying to smile socially when awake, but we haven't had a true smile yet. on the other hand, you must have the best dreams because you flash big 'ol smiles in your sleep. 
  • you, also, are trying so hard to talk to us. every once in awhile a coo escapes and it's a beautiful sound!
  • your brothers are so in love with you! canon likes to talk to you and be mommy's helper. ledger will sit by your side while you are in the bouncer forever. he has become so much more affectionate since you were born!

  • you only have had one official bathtub bath at this point. you didn't care for it! it's just easier and more enjoyable for you to do a sponge bath. you are calm if i sing to you. 
  • you like your carseat so far! you sleep everytime you are in the car. 
  • you are nursing every 2.5 hours during the day (8am-11pm) and then every 3 hours (on the dot!) during the night. i wish you would sleep longer at night, but with your reflux stuff (see below), the doctor says smaller, more frequent meals is best! thankfully, 95% of the time you go right back to sleep at night.
  • we are trying to keep to the "eat, wake, sleep" schedule during the day. after nursing for 30 minutes, you only stay awake 30-45 minutes before going down for a nap. after your early afternoon feeding, i put you right down so you will take a good nap while your brothers are sleeping!
  • you hate tummy time! the boys like to lay next to you while you do it and cheer for you. they also like for you to play with toys. when you are awake, they put toys in your lap.

  • you have been in size 1 diapers for the past 1.5 weeks. this past week, our church threw us a diaper shower. you are covered for a good while!
  • just this week, i started putting you in 0-3 month clothes
  • nicknames: knoxy, mr. knox, ollie, angel baby, baby (ledger), brother (canon)
  • weight at birth: 7.4, 2 weeks: 8.5, 1 month: 10.1

and this is your happy place...
in your crib. swaddled. with a passy!
we love you so, so much! once again, i'm so thankful for god's perfect timing in our life. you are my sweet boy!


the mornings of december 19th and january 19th were very similar. i drove to the same hospital, very early, for knox! after having a barking sounding cough for 2 weeks now and lots of spit up at each feeding, i took knox to the doctor on tuesday to see what was causing this. after ruling out any kind of respiratory issues, our doctor landed on reflux as the cause. she ordered an upper GI study to be done to see if there were any structural issues causing the reflux. 

he couldn't eat for 3 hours prior to the procedure. after waking up extra early and getting us out the door, i fully expected an upset, hungry baby until afterwards. instead, he was so content with his passy. he was awake a full 2 hours before he was able to eat. 
we checked in and waited for about 40 minutes then were taken back. i had to undress him then the tech strapped him into some contraption. i figured this would set him off. nope. he just chilled. finally, the dr came in and it was time for the barium. i worried since he's never had a bottle how he would do. i guess starving a baby is the key to getting them to drink it! the test itself only took about 10 minutes and we were on our way. i was expecting a longer, more traumatic experience, but it was a piece of cake for my boy, thankfully! our doctor called this afternoon saying the test was normal and he just has a bad case of reflux. we are starting zantac today to see if that will help. fingers crossed!
and if today wasn't enough, i get to take him to get his tongue clipped tomorrow. i know that will be a worse, more painful procedure for him. i'm just praying that it will heal fast and won't affect his nursing too bad. now on to month 2!

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Kyndal said...

What a perfectly precious boy you have there! I love his pose in the 2nd picture. Praying his reflux issues get resolved quickly! Happy 1 month, Knox!