things my kids say...

the boys are at such a fun, entertaining age. they pretty much keep us laughing! i love watching them learn to hold conversations and ask questions. my favorite is when i overhear them talking amongst themselves when playing or riding in the car. it's freakish how they can understand each other. ive been jotting things they say down on my phone so i can remember their sweet words forever!
canon is still in speech and has made such an improvement over the past year. his vocab took off when we started in the fall of 2010 and then last spring, when his tongue was clipped, his sentence/conversation skills improved almost immediately. after building his vocab, his big struggle was deleting the initial consonant in words. last week, lane and i were talking and it dawned on us that he has consistently been saying the first sound for who knows how long. his main issue now is "backing"...ending words that end in a "t" with a "k"sound. we're working all the time on it, though! nonetheless, the boy loves talking and does it from sun up to sun down. pretty sure he rivals girls!

  • still calls ledger "gedgie". however, he can say all the sounds in ledger's name correctly. i think it's just habit! and it doesn't help that aunt lala calls him that, too :)
  • if you correct him (in anything. not just getting in trouble), he usually says "i sorry" or "my bad." so cute.
  • he is a boy who likes to know the plan. at bedtime, he asks, "what we doing next day?" we procede to tell him. to which he replies, "after we eat breakfast?" that's usually followed by "what after dat?" and so forth.
  • my personal favorite...when he asks a question and you give him an explanation. he responds with, "oh, i see"...complete with influctions.
  • when the sweet boy is leaving the house with lane, he will seek me out and say, "see you, mom."  it's usually followed with more sentences saying where he's going and what he wants to do when he gets back.
  • i've been on a total puppy chow kick lately. who am i kidding? it's an obsession! while making a batch last week, canon calls out from the living room, "what doing mom?" *without taking a breath* "you making more of your cereal?" lane and i lost it and he may be planning an intervention!
  • lane preached at a weekend retreat a couple of weekends ago. when he got home after a couple of days, canon asked him, "dad, you go preach god?" melt me.
  • he refers to knox's spit up as "puke up"...so now i do, too :)

our sweet ledger is right on track with talking. he surprises us often with words he knows and sentences he produces. he still doesn't articulate great, but i think that may be age?? i can understand almost everything he is saying. if i can't figure something out, more times than not, canon steps in and tells me what ledge is saying! it's cute...and bizarre. the kid in speech...translating!

  • instead of "whoopsie", he says "whoopee." 
  • he loves his baby brother. he spends lots of his time at knox's side. he says, over and over, "hi, knots. hi, baby." so sweet.
  • he has recently become obsessed with lane being with him. he asks constantly "where daddy?" another take is him being silly and asking where everyone in the room is, including himself! love it when they figure out how to be funny and joke!
  • probably the word we hear most is "yatch." he wants us to watch everything he does, even when we are already watching him.
  • when he pretends to talk on the phone, he says "hello? ok. bye-bye" over and over!
  • his blanket is his most prized possession. he affectionately refers to it as "duck". he asks many times in a day "where my duck?"...without looking for it first! it's usually right in front of him. needless to say, it would be a sad day if "duck" went missing!
  • this morning RIGHT after breakfast, he asked for m&m's. i said, "not right now." he started whining and i said, "ledger, what do you say when mommy says no?" (the answer being 'ok, mom') he answered, "please." oh, ledge!

  • they both ask "why?" a million times a day. i have a video when i was 3 of me asking my mom a million in two 'why' questions in about a 2 minute span. pay back, i suppose!
  • we play a game in the car that when we see the tall, white buildings near our house, we shout, "i see the white building." it's almost always canon who wins. he then procedes to name everyone in the car that he beat! every once in awhile he graciously lets me or ledger win. 
  • when we pass hooters (yes, the hooters), the boys holler, "i see an owl!" they LOVE owls and i love their sweet innocence :)
i'm so loving these boys at this age. each stage gets better and better with these two. i'm just trying to savor and enjoy the sweet moments i get to witness every day! thank you, father, for my blessings!

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