crazy few days...

it NEVER, EVER fails that when lane goes out of town, everything hits the fan! someone ALWAYS ends up sick. everytime. knox came down with RSV's cousin, metapneumovirus, along with bronchiolitis last wednesday...the same day lane left!
after 3 trips to the doctor's office last week for knox (and one this monday and thursday), ledger came down with the same stuff, plus fever by friday evening so we headed back to tulsa (3rd trip) for urgent care. he was put on the same regimen.
we were SO happy to pick up daddy at the airport saturday night! of course, when packing up the van that night, i discovered my car battery was dead from a light left on. my sweet father-in-law came to my rescue!
between all the driving back and forth, breathing treatments every 4 hours (we've now added canon into the rotation the last 2 days), nursing every3 hours, i was worn smooth out...still am! i'm so thankful for all the help my mom and in-laws were. i couldn't have kept on without them! hopefully, this is the last of the sick germs for a long while...once we get them gone. 

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