knox at 11 months...

again. terrible at doing this on time. of course, we weren't in town for the week leading up to his 11 month birthday or the 2 weeks following so i'll cut myself some slack :) here's a bit of what your up to, knox oliver...

you are my happy boy (you and your brothers)! people comment most on this. you're easy going and are up for just about anything! the only time this isn't true is when you have to leave your mama's side and go into the church nursery. this month i was called out 2 weeks in a row because you were inconsolable. kind of makes it tough on mom and dad when we're visiting churches, you goober! you have a big personality. you have a touch of shyness when people first talk to you, but you quickly warm up to them and start performing.  
playtime has also evolved for you more this month than any other. you've taken an interest in balls. you crawl to it. it rolls away.you crawl after it. it rolls away. and so on. you'd think this would be frustrating, but it's not! if the ball is small enough, you will pick it up and throw it. another favorite game is dropping things. we pick it up for you and you grin and do it again. i think repetitive is just your favorite game! you started standing some this month. you won't do it on your own, but if we stand you up in the middle of the room, you can stand for a few seconds. you're a cruising machiene! you also love to dance while standing at a table. you LOVE music!
you will eat absolutely anything! eating might be your favorite activity. you don't stop unless we stop you! you are on a mixed diet of good 'ol table foods and baby food. only, because it's easier and consistent when we're out of town. you still only have 2 bottom teeth. however, your fine motor skills have exploded. you can pick up the tiniest thing. you're still nursing 4 times a day. i'm not looking forward to weaning you :(
your sleeping habits are pretty much the same as last month. however, you did have about a week and a half where you were waking up for the day around 5:45. it made for some long days!

you have become VERY vocal this month. you don't say much of anything, but you make all kinds of sounds. mama, nana and the occasional dada are your go-to's. you LOVE to grab anything that resembles a phone and "talk" on it. 
you weighed somewhere around 19 1/2 lbs. you wear 6-12 months in clothes. you wear a size 1-2 in shoes. you wear a size 4 diaper. your hair has taken off and is LONG! your eyes are still hazel to light brown. 


it's so hard to believe your almost one!! i have LOVED every moment with you this year. you bring our family so much joy. we love you and are so thankful for your BIG life!


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