knox at 13 months...

even though my boy has reached his (hard to believe) first birthday, he continues to change and learn new things each day that i never, ever want to forget! i'm such a sap these days. baby fever has hit out of nowhere this week. it may have to do with the fact that it seems like every woman of child-bearing age is pregnant AND my baby is now 1 :(
mr. knox, we continue to fall more in love with your sweet, ornery self every day. here's a little of what you've been up to since you turned one...

you've had a kind of off month due to LOTS of sickness. the first half of this month was spent laying around and being fussy. i don't blame you one bit! the past couple of weeks you are finally back to your easy-going, smiley self! we LOVE this side of you. it keeps us laughing most of the day. since you've started feeling better, you've kicked it up a notch on the ornery scale. your looks kill us as you are about to do/get into something you know is questionable. you LOVE your daddy. thankfully, you still like me, too! the nursery at church has become a consistent problem. you don't go happily and most of the time i get called out. i keep telling myself that it's only a matter of time before you look forward to going to your class. in the meantime, i'll enjoy eating smarties with you in the foyer! you adore your brothers and are starting to get in on more playtime with them opposed to just watching. you can follow simple commands. obeying them 100% of the time is another story!

you entertain yourself so well. nana's basement is the perfect setup for keeping mom close by while you explore all the toy areas. tearing paper/toilet paper is your favorite game right now. it amazes me how finely you can shred paper! you also LOVE to wrestle with daddy and your brothers. "getting" them is so fun! you are understanding the concept of rolling the ball back and forth. you have found a friend in woody. you go to the right bucket and can fish him out in no time. you even can pull his string (over and over) to make him talk! emptying bookshelves and clearing tables still holds a top 3 spot on the list of fun. you LOVE to dance. as soon as you hear music of any kind, you start bouncing with a big 'ol grin! 

still no signs of walking. every once in awhile, without knowing it, you let go of the couch or table you're standing at and will stand a few seconds unassisted. you will now walk beside us just holding one hand instead of both. you love to push your walker...until you get stuck at the wall. you have discovered climbing this month. we're always finding you trying to climb up on a shelf or over the couch or on to the picnic table. oy. you can now climb off of the couch without assistance. seems like you went from diving off of it to understanding the concept of gravity overnight. 

let's just start out by saying you are the most impatient person when it comes to eating. you loose your mind. which has made eating at sit down restaurants a bit unpleasant! you will eat just about anything, but only if we hide what you like most for last. if you see bread, forget about getting ANYTHING else down you! stinker. your favorite food is hands down bananas. you also like chicken, beans, pears, blueberries.  we have to limit you to one a day. otherwise you'd eat one with every meal! you feed yourself well. if you're avoiding something on your plate you don't want, we can get you to eat it by forcing it to your lips. if it touches your lips, you'll eat without complaint! you really like the food pouches, too. these are great for taking to restaurants to tide you over until we can real food to you. you are down to a bedtime nursing session each night. i'm reluctant to wean you from this for a few reasons. when you went to your 1 year checkup a couple of weeks ago, you had fallen off of the growth chart due to 3 rounds of stomach bug in a month. when we went this week, you were back on after gaining almost 2 pounds back. you are loving your whole milk and will usually drink 6 ounces at each meal. i'm still nursing you for added nutrient-dense, fatty calories! plus, it breaks my heart to think of stopping. you now have 6 teeth that have cut through with 2 more on the way (man, last night was rough)!

each night this month has been hit and miss on sleeping. some nights, we lay you down and don't hear from you until the next morning. most nights, you were waking up around 10 for about an hour and then you'd go back down for the night. this week has been great (with the exception of last night!). you are ready for bed by 7:30 and now that we've cut your morning nursing session, you are sleeping until 8:30 or 9. you are ready for an hour nap by 10 and then go back down at 1 for a couple of hours. thankful for a good sleeper (when you're not sick or teething!). you still love your passy. i'm trying to keep it out of sight while you're playing and you do fine without it, but when it's bedtime, you want it! you go back in forth from the pack n' play in the cave room and your crib. since your crib is in the room right below nana's and she doesn't sleep with a loud fan on, when you're not sleeping well, we keep you in the cave room (no windows) on the other side of the house (with a monitor). you take naps everyday in the crib. i don't want you to get used to having to have a dark room to sleep. overall, we can't complain on the sleep front!

you still make babbly sounds often. mama, dada, nana are your go to "words". you consistently say your own version of thank you that's sweet. you make a sound for cars when your playing. you roar. that's pretty much it right now!

you weighed 19lb 6oz this week. getting back to where we were! you wear 6-12 months in clothes. your pj's were getting young on you so we moved you up to 2 piece jammie's. i got them in 12-18 months to get more use out of them. i've walked in your room after nap time a couple of times to find you with no pants on! tiny waisted boy. you're definitely more like canon in growth patterns than ledger. you wear size 1 or 2 in shoes. you wear a size 4 in shoes. 

we love you so much sweet boy and are so thankful that you are in our family! i love watching you love your family and your family loving you. here's to another great month ahead and no more sickies!


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