the longest vacation ever: part 2...

after our dallas adventure, we headed back to muskogee for swim lessons. i had wanted them to do swim lessons this summer and thought muskogee would be the perfect place to do it since we needed to fill time while lane was gone! we enjoyed fun mornings, tiring afternoons, relaxing afternoons and early bedtimes :)
on a walk one evening, canon discovered the art of breaking sticks! i love little boys!
harmony house with my homies. darn their convenient drive-thru!
"we are super, strong ninja turtles!!"
this is after only 2 afternoons of swimming lessons. we were wiped out by the end of the week! they were in different classes so for 2 hours each day we were driving back and forth, loading and unloading several times. usually, car naps are evil, but not this specific week!
knox recently had just discovered his LOVE for books. when he would look at one on his own, he would always assume this position! please don't grow up too fast, sweet boy :) 
would you believe that this is the very first picture i snapped?! usually i take 5-10 and number 8 or 9 is the winner. i was amazed!
we had a fun morning at the library's story time with the greer girls! such sweet friends.
by wednesday afternoon, i turned to bribery to get canon to stop crying when i dropped him off. he loved going and would always stop crying as soon as i was around the corner, but dropping him off was tough. 
a fun morning at the splash pad. eden brought water balloons that the kids loved. when we told ledger that was his last one, he protected that balloon as if his life depended on it. i finally had to make him pop it later that afternoon!
ice cream at the park after dinner. the light was GORGEOUS!
my smiley baby!
spiderman shooting webs at me. 
gram taught canon how to swing! my boy is growing up on me.
friday afternoon the boys each put on a little show during their last lesson. they were so proud of all they did! next year, i'll probably do 2 weeks of classes. even though they didn't learn to swim independently, they became so comfortable in the water and gained some basic skills. it's amazing just in the past month and half how well they're doing compared to before! 
i found these random duck faces on my phone of ledger :)
saturday evening, we went to visit oomah and pops. they had spent the week at church camp. oomah taught canon how to make a duck call out of a straw wrapper!
we hated not being with lane on father's day. we've never really gotten celebrate with him on the day. his first 4 father's days, he would leave immediately after church for jr high camp and then this year we didn't see him at all. we're thankful that we get to celebrate him all year and carry all of our sweet memories with us wherever we go!
i had gotten a coupon for a free 8x8, hardback, photo book from a random lady at barnes and noble and thought it would be the perfect gift. i spent all of nap time for a solid week working on it so it would arrive before he left for 2 weeks. it never showed up. by this time, we were in different states. shutterfly ended up shipping me another one and when it arrived, lane's sweet aunt shipped it to him in tennessee so he would have it to open on father's day. and then the original arrived! so now we have 2 copies, but that's ok because it's pretty special!
this is our "we're sad we aren't with daddy today" faces.
before church :)
i LOVED getting to hug my dear friend, cana. we are so looking forward to spending some time with her and dennis in portland later this month!
how sweet does this boy look?!
after a quick lunch, the boys and i hit the road for a week in little rock...

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