this week...

i can't believe that it's already thursday night! this week has flown, but has felt SO long at the same time. it's been a good week, though! here are a few highlights...

monday night's entertainment was brought to us by cardboard guitars!
when i checked on ledger monday night, he had his brain games book next to him. just exercising the 'ol noodle before bed! and, yes, he's sleeping in his sleeping bag even though he has a bed. since we moved in, he's wanted to sleep in it. we thought it was a phase and didn't think it a big deal. welp, 6 weeks later, he's still sleeping on the floor :)
tuesday morning, while i cleaned, the boys ALL played so nice together! it was a miracle!
that afternoon, the big boys had well-checks at the doctor. the boys were only a 1/4" different in height (39 1/4" and 39 1/2"). ledger weighed 34 lbs and canon finally hit 30 lbs!! ledger is going to be evaluated for speech therapy. he needs it!
the boys knew we were having surprise guests at dinnertime, but had no idea who it was! they were super excited to run to the door and see that it was oomah and pops. they had fun showing them around their "new house". i wonder when the newness will wear off to them?! they're very into mad libs right now so they were anxious to show oomah their most recent one.
we grabbed qdoba before rushing off to canon's soccer game. he was very excited to have them there!
nana and aunt debbie came to cheer him on as well!
knox pretty much pounded pops entire powerade during the short game.
canon's highlights during game 6 :)
wednesday morning early, lane left for catalyst conference (totally jealous). i was awoken to a MESS in the bathroom from one of my little guys. one of those "where do i even start" messes! sweet cailee and lachlan dropped by donuts and visited with us and totally turned our morning around! we did our grocery shopping. oh, and my boys were trying to hurt me apparently. the whole time during dinner prep, they wanted me to talk to them on the phone. they were grown ups, getting married, talking about their grown up, SEPERATE lives. i had flash forwards of just how fast time is going! and i had a crick in my neck after 30 minutes of this :)
today was our day to watch lachlan. we had a really great day! we even found time for a craft which always makes the boys super excited regardless of how janky it is. i did manage to ruin 75% of a load of sweaters. lane's stuff took the brunt of the damage. bleach spots all over them. i had just done a load of whites prior to the sweaters so i'm guessing that's what happened since they haven't been anywhere near bleach. after lachlan left, we ran to the mall to grab a sweater that lane had mentioned he saw on clearance on monday. thankfully, it was still there...and cheap! 1 replaced, 3 more to go...oops :)
my mom and sisters are coming this weekend and we are EXCITED!!! tomorrow will be spent getting ready for their arrival. we have lots of fun things planned over the next 10 days that we are really looking forward to. i love this time of year! AND the highs are supposed to be 60 on saturday and sunday...oh, happy fall days!

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