4 months today!

canon turned 4 months at 1:39 pm today! i can't believe it. it's amazing how much he has changed in such a short time! we went to the doctor this morning for his checkup. he weighed 13.7 lbs (25th percentile), was 24 1/2" long (25th percentile), and his head was 41 cm (however long that is...25th percentile). he's a little guy. she said he was developmentally right where he needed to be. she said that he is able sleep through the night, he doesn't need nutrtion then. easier said than done! tell him that as he's screaming at 3:30 am! overall, he's doing wonderfully, and so are we. he's such a blessing that it's pretty easy to forget the 2 hr long crying spells that happen every once in awhile. we love being parents!

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Amy said...

You make me want another baby! Parenting is full of joys and rewards like nothing else!