canon swung in this chair for probably 30 mins...
lauren kicking elizabeth in the face(not really)...

we spent the day saturday in stillwater with friends and family. it was a nice relaxing day. steve even grilled burgers...that always makes me very happy! everyone we knew went to the osu game that evening. me and canon hung out in lauren's apartment for awhile. i didn't want to subject myself or canon to another sporting event in the heat and loud noise (the rangers game in august was enough for this year)! it's quite difficult to find somewhere to nurse a screaming baby at a stadium. lauren came and got us around half time and we went to her friend's house. we jumped on the trampoline which was a blast, and sat outside until the game was over...it was such a nice evening. thanks to elizabeth and jane for entertaining us! canon was in a pleasant mood for much of the day. of course, he passed out as soon as we put him in his seat for the ride home. gotta love good 'ol stillwater.

i videoed this sideways...oops!

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