it's a boy...

today, it has been one year since we found out we were having a boy! this past year seems like a blur looking back. i love to think of a special time and go through every detail of it...i'm weird i know! i worked the night before our appointment. lane picked me up from work the next morning, and we went to get breakfast at panera. our appointment wasn't until 830. so we sat in the car and took turns videoing each other guessing what we thought it was going to be. i thought a girl and lane thought a boy! once we got in the room, the unfriendly lady started the diagnostic part of it. after she had measured everything, she asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. at one point she said, look at those little big feet, and for some reason, i knew at that moment it was boy with his daddy's big feet. then she found the "hawk" as she called it! we were so excited. i was a little nervous though considering i had always been around girl babies. i never knew how much i could love having a boy! he is so sweet!

scrapbook pages of all his ultrasound pics...

pics from 1/23/08
top: two pics of each foot
middle: profile
bottom: it's a boy

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