date night...

we have been blessed with a wonderful group of friends here in tulsa. our good friends, kenneth and lisa, planned to watch canon and our other friends, brian and beth's, boys on tuesday night. it was a surprise for lane and brian after spending the day with kenneth. i had planned to take lane to a movie he has been wanting to see for over a month now, but the movie times didn't work out. it's amazing how difficult it was for lane to decide what he wanted to do in this big city! we ended up going to one of our fav places, pf chang's, for dinner. lane decided he wanted a piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory for dessert. it was so refreshing to just be a couple. our time while canon is awake is so focused on keeping him happy, fed and dry! when we picked canon up, he was crashed. he had lots of people to watch and play with...that will tucker anybody out! i love how are friends are so a part of our lives now that canon is familiar with them and reaches out for them. thanks, kenneth and lisa, for a wonderful evening!

caleb and canon

kenneth, levi and canon

canon loves their monkies

mr. kenneth and canon

levi quote: " i help him to mile."

i'll have to get pics of the others. lisa said they were too busy playing to slow down for pics!

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Lisa said...

We thoroughly enjoy watching Canon.
Keep us in mind any time you need a babysitter. We think he's the cutest baby in the world. We might be a little bit biased. It's so nice to have a baby around since our boys are getting so big and even my nieces and nephews are big now.