date night...sorta...

well, i did something i don't think i've ever done. i let my car run out of gas. as i drove home sunday, i was on fumes, but couldn't stop because i had to go to the bathroom so bad! lane got in my car later that evening and it wouldn't start. i told him my story and all he could say was "gas stations have bathrooms." all that to say, i couldn't go to the store yesterday until lane got home to put gas in it. we have absolutely nothing to eat in this house...except girl scout cookies. we decided to get pei wei take out. that's probably one of my top 5 favorite places!
i got honey-seared chicken and brown rice. this is my "kick" right now!

lane got chicken lo-mein...my previous "kick"

it was so yum!

we watched a never-disappointing episode of 24. we love that show! it wasn't on last year, and boy, did we miss it! jack bauer, you are the man!

lane wanted us to rent twilight because he knew i had wanted to see it. first, let me say that it was lane who pressured me into reading the series in the first place. every girl and woman we knew had read them. i was SO resistant! my friend lent me the first book, and it sat around for about a week. one night, lane said he was going to start reading it to me...so he did! he read aloud the first 20 pages. i started the series, and to be honest, i was frustrated alot, but i stuck with it and finished ALL four books. i was satisfied at the end. back to the future...we were going to rent it sunday night at the awesome redbox, but they were out. lane found one at another location last night, and picked it up.


it was a bit disappointing. for one, the main girl character was a really bad actress. also, i liked how i had imagined everything to look and be. but the main disappointment was that i had invested myself in drawn out chapters of character development. in the movie, right when it started it was over! very frustrating. so if you haven't read the books, don't draw conclusions based on the movie! it was fun though. lane thinks it is cool and creative, but was also disappointed with the way they portrayed the story. anyway, you didn't know you were going to get a movie review, did you?

i say date night...sorta because their was a third-wheel in attendance...our little man, canon. man, was he cranky. he wanted to go to bed so bad, but we were trying to hold off so he would sleep. we finally gave in and put him to bed at 7:30. only he thought it was a power nap. we let him cry for awhile, but he was wound up. we got him up, and he was the perfect little angel while we watched the movie...wide awake! he went to bed at 10:30, and preceded to wake up every 2 1/2 hours. i felt like he was a newborn again! i hate trying to get him back on a schedule after he's been sick and he's still not back to normal...poor baby!

hope you had an enjoyable evening with the ones you love...


Amy said...

And once you get them back to their schedule they change the schedule as they grow. :)

Glad you and Lane enjoyed your date night even with your "third wheel".

Lisa said...

Hope Canon is feeling better and that you are getting more sleep! I totally agree about Pei Wei. It's one of my favorites. We need to go there together again sometime.

Lauren said...

So do you think I would like Twilight or would it just be a complete waste of time for me??

Those pics look amazing. Next meal in Tulsa were either going to Pei Wei or P.F. Changs!