sweet belly laugh...

isn't that the sweetest sound?!? he does love his daddy. excuse the pajamas...he has gone through every pair he owns each several times in the span of a few days! no stains on our good clothes though!

i have a new hobby!

i love to read other people's blogs. usually, i go to someone's i know, then click on one of their friends then click on one of their friends and so on. i know it sounds creepy, and lane tells me it's creepy (and my sister thinks it's kind of creepy!), but i have found that tons of other women do this and it's totally acceptable in the blog world! well, last weekend i found a wonderful blog that i have fallen in love with, kellyskornerblog.com. she is so fun and has an incredible outlook on life. through her blog i came across a woman named angie who went through a heart-breaking loss last year. her blog is audreycaroline.blogspot.com.

i tell you all this because i have finished up reading the books i had wanted to read, and have been looking for something. well, i told lane that this is like reading books, but it's a true story! so right now i'm reading those, one backwards and forward. i've laughed out loud and boo-hooed. they are amazing women with such amazing faith and obedience to our father. i have learned so much already...

btw, if you have read karen kingbury's someday (the baxter family series), angie's story is very similar...heart-breaking and moving at the same time.


Amy said...

Angie's blog is one of my favorites I love to read. I was reading it before I realized who her husband was. (Todd from Selah)

I am guilty of searching through other blogs finding ones I love and read them. I told Wyatt is like reading a magazine to me. Just online!

Lauren said...

Ok, first of all love the video!! Canon's laugh makes me laugh everytime. Second of all, I feel you could have kep the camera only focused on Canon and not Lane. haha....a little weird.
I'm glad you get satisfaction out of other peoples blogs, but for now I'm only gonna stick with yours. :)