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last spring, we had to make a very important decision. surprisingly, it wasn't what pediatrician would we use, diapers vs cloth diapers, what soap we would use on our new baby, etc. no, it was much more important. where are we going to live AND feel safe in crime-ridden tulsa. during this time, it seemed each morning on the news there would be another shooting at a local apartment. i started to panic. i thought we would never find a place to bring our baby home to. i made the mistake of reading reviews online. i learned something...people only write reviews when they are mad. a good friend of our's lived at the apartments we ended up choosing. she sent me a LONG honest review. we trusted her completely. it felt so good at the beginning of may to know that we had a for sure place to bring our baby.

we love it. it is so peaceful and quiet. one of my first memories here is the first sunday we had it. lane still had to go back to joplin, and i went to muskogee later that day. after church, we came to start unpacking. well, i wasn't much help. it was a beautiful day outside. we opened the windows, and it was so peaceful with the birds chirpping. i took a long "i'm- 9 months-pregnant" nap! we have a little courtyard outside our windows with rose bushes. they are beautiful. there's also a pond with ducks that canon likes to visit. sometimes, the ducks wander down our way. lane likes that.

we live on the second floor because that's all that was available at the time. at first, i was determined to live on the first level, but once we got up here, i loved the freedom it brought. my favorite thing to do is to open the windows. i can leave them open without fear of people getting in them. it's also helps me tone by climbing stairs...at least that's what i tell myself!

the only down fall (well, not the only, but the main one in our current situation) to apartment living is you can't pick your neighbors. we lived on the bottom floor in muskogee. we said we would rather put up with noise than have to worry about being quiet. well, now we get to both since we are sandwiched in. i am so cautious with each step. if you watched me walk you would think i was a gymnast or ballerina (go ahead and laugh...i know it's funny!) the way i walk on my toes.

ok, let me back up and introduce you to our neighbors. we lived here permanently for a week and a half before canon was born. during this time, we didn't notice excessive noise above. soon as we bring canon home, the noise becomes excessive. when i say noise, i mainly mean the way they walk. i envision them stomping while they run everywhere. if you've been over here, you know what i mean! when canon was 5 days old, the power went out one evening. lane was outside walking probably trying to figure out if it was wide-spread or isolated when this conversation took place:

neighbor: can you hear me and my boys "wrastlin'" up there?
lane: do you live up there? yeah, we can sometimes, but it's cool! believe me, i know, boys needs to wrestle.
neighbor: ok, cool. do you think you could tell my girlfriend that? she's always on my tail about that....

so, then we just felt sorry for little boys being couped up in a small apartment. and put up with it. while dawn was staying with us, she and canon would sit up in the middle of the night and try to figure out what they were doing. i mean at all hours you here them. one night we woke up to a big thud. we coudln't figure out what it was. the next morning, lane woke up to find our light fixture in the bathroom...in the toilet. they have woke us up at 3 am...keep in mind, we have two fans going...with, umm, intimate activities. they have woke up our sleeping baby. i have been the witness to many fights during the day. i have never heard the intensity of a fight like this. like it scares me for my safety. i'm guilty of hunkering down in my closet with canon just in case there's a stray bullet...not kidding. but 5 minutes later, they are hand in hand laughing, their boys seem happy, and they very kind to offer help if they see me with my hands full outside.

last night, i was nursing canon at 2:30, and i noticed how quiet it was. that's how bad it is...you notice the peace, not the noise. so i started to ponder what their occupations could be because it seems they are both home all the time. i decided they either are meth dealers (not really...just a heightened fear from watching too much news!) or they are vampires. but then after thinking back on all my vampire knowledge, thanks to twilight, they float. you can't hear them walking. so i guess it is option A...

thanks for letting me vent. we will continue to love them. we don't want to be those people that complain and start something. i am counting down the days until we can have our own place. we feel content living here, but i want canon to have a backyard to play in more than anything. gotta love all 892 sq. feet of our home...

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Lauren said...

Yeah, those people are crazy. I feel like they NEVER sleep. I think they are doing like laps in the house and junp-roping nonstop.
Oh and one little comment, please don't admit to your other readers that you hide in your closet. I didn't know that and that is funny!