celebration date...

last night, we went on an actual date. it felt like the old days! maybe even before we were married. lauren and kyle volunteered to babysit our so cute son. which by the way, they said was perfectly lovely at dinner! after taking a traditional picture, we headed to osaka japenese steakhouse. it was really good and always a fun enviroment! we then went to a movie. lane love's going to SEE movies. i would rather rent a movie and veg out in my pj's while watching, but i did enjoy myself and the movie didn't disappoint. canon was still up when we got home so we played with him for a little bit. after he went night-night, we played a game with kyle and lauren before they left. that's always fun! it was such an enjoyable evening. thank you, lane!

also, lane is leaving tonight for ciy, a youth conference in colorado. we're going to muskogee for the week. should be fun!

i'm 17 weeks today! can't believe how fast it's going. somewhere in the last week and a half, my belly really popped. with canon, i wasn't showing this much until like 24 weeks. i love it!

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Amy said...

That is the cutest baby bump I had seen in a long time. :)

Glad you two got a chance to go out. And I'm with you, I would rather rent the movies. I can't get comfortable in the theater, I always have to use the bathroom (and especially when you are pregnant) and the theater is always too loud for me. As long as you have fun though...spending that time together is SO important.