christmas at our house...

i love this time of year! it feels like christmas can begin as soon as daylighht savings time disappears. i love when it gets dark early. i love to walk outside and then my hair is cold when i go back inside. i love the smell of cold air. ahh...such a wonderful time! although we don't have many, i also love christmas decorations. i love sitting around with only the christmas tree lights on...so cozy!

i can't believe this is the 4th Christmas we are celebrating together. oh, how time flies. when we got married, somebody gave us a hobby lobby gift card in late september and told us to wait until they had 50% off all their christmas stuff. that way, we could spend double the amount and get double the stuff! so that's what we did. and our very first year, our tree went up october 10th! and the past 2 years it's gone up november 8th. i just love how it looks so much that it doesn't make sense to work so hard and only get to enjoy it for less than a month.

i worried how canon would do this year with the tree. we set it up a few days before we actually decorated it. he didn't seem to notice it. then we decorated it. the next morning he awoke to a tree of balls. within 5 minutes of being awake, he broke an ornament. we told him to not touch, but didn't have to make it that big of a deal. he hasn't touched it since.

lauren was over tonight and wanted me to update my blog so we decided to take pictures in front of it!

my ballard green balls blended in...boo...they're my favorite

couldn't get him to hold his stocking in front of the tree, so why not put it on his head!

shaking the keys while singing "jingle bells"

enjoy the season!

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