i've been awful at updating this lately. october was so incredibly busy. i've been busy nesting. i think it's safe to say the baby can come anytime now! with the exception of 2 small projects for lane, we've accomplished a lot!

i will be 37 weeks tomorrow and am soooo beyond ready to have this sweet baby. i can definitely tell i'm way more out of shape this time around. sleeping...forget about it! i guess God's just preparing me for no sleep :)

when i went for my check-up last week, the doctor told me i was positive for group b strep. this doesn't mean much for me, but could possibly harm the baby if not treated. before i actually have the baby, i have to have 2 rounds of iv antibiodics. since i was induced last time, i don't know how fast i go on my own, especially the second time around. i just want to make sure i get all the antibiodics in before we meet our boy.

so i asked our doctor about an induction and he was all for it. we are scheduled for friday, november 27th @ 5:30am...yuck. at least he will more than likely be born before the bedlam game on saturday. otherwise, i'm afraid he wouldn't have any aunts or uncles there to greet him!

we can't wait to meet and hold and see and love on our sweet baby boy!

the countdown is on....

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Life as I see it said...

Sweet! That is my nephew's 3rd birthday!!! We are so excited! Can't wait to meet him!