cookies and naughty boys...

chloe is staying with us for a couple of days while my mom works this week. thank goodness she was with me today. my boys were a handful! ledger broke his 2 weeks of awesome sleeping last night. all of a sudden, he is not interested in going back to sleep in his own bed. he's fine as long as mama's holding him. i got caught up on my dvr'd shows last night while dozing in and out. i'm sure he's old enough to start crying it out. i'm spoiled already and haven't functioned well today on minimal sleep!

and then mr. canon who is getting several teeth at one time decided he didn't want to obey, sleep, or eat anything. i really can't handle when he doesn't eat. that's probably my biggest frustration as a mom especially with his weight issues. anyway, he redeemed himself later in the evening by being his sweet, charming self! i was ever so happy when lane got home tonight.
i love to bake at christmas time! one of my earliest memories is making different kinds of christmas cookies with my mom. i seriously have a vivid memory of a specific night when i was 4. i've already made fudge and muffins this past week. rarely, do i have all the ingredients to make something. chloe and i decided chocolate kiss cookies sounded good. for some reason, i only think to make them around the holidays.

chloe pretty much did them by herself. i was taking care of a screaming baby and a little boy who kept getting into things. we had 29 left over kisses from something so that's why one cookie is kiss-less.
she did a fabulous job! they were very yummy. we are all feeling a little sick after popping one after the other. my resolution for 2010 is self-control when it comes to food! but for now, i'm going to enjoy all the baked goodness of christmastime!!


Aunt Chloe said...

Those cookies are so good! Thanks sis for all the fun!! I LOVE YOU

Lauren said...

Looks like fun! Wish I could be there!