one month old...

my sweet little, ledger,

happy one month birthday!

before you were born, we said we would have to be intentional to keep december open knowing how fast the holiday season goes and how fast a newborn changes. i'm so thankful we have been able to take life pretty easy this month to enjoy our time with you. Boy, oh boy, have you changed in the past 30 days!

here are a few things that you have done over the past few weeks: visited the hospital twice to have jaundice levels drawn, christmas shopping with mommy, met lots of new friends, christmas parties, osu graduation for kyle, visited santa claus, watched daddy in his christmas play, went to muskogee for the first time, celebrated your first christmas and snow storm, and recieved lots of cuddles and kisses from your mommy, daddy, and especially your big brother!

another first, was a trip to the urgent care the day after christmas. you are very congested and have an awful cough. the dr said it was just a virus but to watch you close! poor baby, you can't breathe very well and it frustrates you. it breaks my heart.

you still love to eat. like mother, like son! i like to call you, my chunker monker! you are still eating every 2-3 hours, with 4-5 hour stretches during the night. at the dr visit yesterday, you weighed 11 lbs already! oh my word. look at that cute, round tummy in the pictures.

you are already outgrowing your 0-3 months clothes and size 1 diapers. we probably only have a couple of weeks left in them. you are so strong. if we lay you on our tummy, you climb up us! you love to be up on my shoulder why you look around. you have good head control!

ledger, we love you so much and are so excited to see how you change. you've already changed so much and if it's possible, i fall more in love with you each time i see you and hold you and kiss you and think about you!



Lauren said...

He is too sweet....and FAT! Love the picture of both boys! MUAH!

Amy said...

He is a very pretty baby. Wow! You guys make beautiful kids.

anxiously hopeful said...

Good grief he is a cute little chunker monker. Hope weighed 9lb. 7 oz. at her 1 month check-up.