birthday week...

at 2:36 pm yesterday, my week-long birthday celebration kicked off. that's right, i celebrate the entire week leading up to my birthday (and try to milk out a day or two afterward!). for some reason, i've always dreaded birthdays. i don't like getting older. i mean i'm going to be a whopping 24! :) so i guess my thinking is that a birthday each year is inevitable so might as well celebrate it like crazy!!

last night, we got together with lane's family and my mom and sisters to celebrate the january birthdays. there are 4 january birthdays just in our immediate family. plus, lots of other family members! we met up at olive garden. that seems to be where we always go for special occasions. not that i'm complaining...yum!! afterwards, everyone came over to our house to hang out for a little bit. i love having everyone here.

unfortunately, sunday i came down with mastitis. i never had it with canon so this was new. saturday night, i was sore but thought that it was muscle soreness from doing push-ups, but by sunday it had affected both sides pretty bad. sunday afternoon, i had the chills, aches, and fever so i called the doctor. he called me in a prescription. the mastitis has been tolerable, but the flu-like symptoms are awful. i've never had the flu so i had no idea just how terrible they make you feel. canon went to muskogee for a few days so i can rest. i've had a fever above 101 since sunday, but it finally broke late this afternoon. hopefully, tomorrow will be the turning point. this has kind of put a damper on the festivities so maybe we'll have to extend it past my birthday a few days!! what do you think, lane? :)

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Lauren said...

You try and suck out as many days as you can for every holiday...hope your girls feel better soon. :)